How to Start a Skating Rink Business

It is quite challenging to start a skating rink business. It does not only require an entrepreneur to be financially prepared.

It is also crucial to have experience working in skating rink before deciding to engage in this venture.

Starting a skating rink business is a rewarding venture when started properly. This means that aside from preparing the fund, it is also important to prepare other details such as your experience about this kind of business. There are lots of things to consider before opening the door of your skating rink to the public.


The location is one of the major aspects that can bring your business. You should consider purchasing a lot that has an adequate area to accommodate parking lot and other facilities. Make sure that the place is accessible and visible on the main road or street. Choose location that has large population and the competition is not so tight. You should also pay attention on the construction of the skating rink in such a way that it should be ideal for competitions and skilled skaters. Ensure that the flooring of the skating rink should inhibit slipping. Likewise, you need to install lighting system suitable in the skating rink with powerful speakers. It is also necessary to create additional facilities and other support services such as snack bar. You can sell pre-packed foods or try vending machines that would help cut down the expenses in hiring employees.

Business Plan and Licenses

As you are looking for the feasible location, you should also take time in developing an effective. Doing this would help you on how you will manage the operations; monitor the cash flow as well as the marketing plan. As much as possible, you should hire a professional to help you preparing the business plan to ensure that you will not miss anything important. A good pitch business plan is necessary for you to find private investors or bank for funding. After you have made the business plan, the next thing to pay attention is the necessary licenses and other legal documents needed in running your business. You can inquire from the state authorities for the documents that would make your business legal. Take into account the zoning regulations that cover your potential business.

In like manner, obtaining insurance policy is also vital in skating rink business. You can ask help from a good lawyer regarding the best coverage that you can purchase. You should anticipate that in skating some people might fall and get hurt. In this sense, your clients might demand for insurance. To avoid lawsuit you should be armed with comprehensive insurance policy. Once everything is settled then it is the right time to market your business through your website. You can advertise your skating rink business along with attractive promotions.


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