How to Start a Reception Hall Business

Most of the time when we say reception halls, we consider thinking about weddings, birthdays, parties and other big gatherings. This is commonly known as the home of events that would last for a long time in the memories of the guests.

Stating your own reception hall business requires a strong business plan and a good managing skill on your part.

The Hall

In starting your own reception hall business, you should at least have your own hall. You won’t be able to start this kind of business if you don’t have one. Make sure also that your hall is big enough to cater either big or small events. Remember that there are lots of different gatherings happening everywhere and they need a place that will be perfect for the event. Your hall should also be located at an area where everyone and anyone can easily find. It is very stressful on the part of the guests to spend lots of time looking for the area of your hall. Also, your hall should be well ventilated or might as well put some air conditioning units enough to cool your place and make it more comfortable. Tables and chairs are really necessary so make sure have them.

Business Plan

In any kind of business, you need a strong business plan. It will definitely make your business strong enough to get through the loops of the business world. Look for great location for your hall, the capacity of your hall and the number of hours you will be operating. This is quite essential because these things will help you get through the hustles and bustles of the business world. Also, you should be able to think of how you will advertise your business. You can make use of the internet to advertise your reception hall business. You should be informed that most of the business transactions these days are being done through the internet. This is a big difference compared in the past years. People just rely on the newspapers and the media. Now, through your own computer, you may immediately advertise your business. All you need is to design a good ad to make sure that people would notice it in the internet.

Financial Aspect

As a business owner, you should determine the costs you incurred during the preparation of the business. Through this, you will be able to determine also the cost of every operation you will make. You should also consider the availability of your funds. Whether you like it or not, there will always be times that you will encounter problems that will cost you money.


Since you are dealing with an event related business, you should be able to know what type of events you are going to deal with. It will depend on the design and overall area of your hall. If you have a small hall, you may deal with events like birthday parties and seminars. If you have a large area, you can deal with any kind of event.


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    my business location is at Alawwa in NWP in Sri Lanka. beautiful location neat a large paddy fields.
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    please help me to start my own reception hall in Detroit mi 48215
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