How to Start a Primitive Store

If you have the passion for imperfect decor, you can start selling primitive products. You will need to put up a primitive store to sell these items. The requirements are the same – a solid plan, license, tax ID number, inventory, and store location or website.

When you’ve addressed these things, you can open the store.

If you’re looking for a business opportunity that requires a smaller capital amount, you can open a primitive store. What can you sell in this type of store? Well, you will be selling primitive products like jewelry, dishes, and other decorative items. As the term suggests, the products lack perfection and that’s what gives them a certain decorative appeal. Since primitive decor is getting more and more popular, you can earn considerable profits if you know how to manage the business properly. Work out on your business plan and gather enough capital to get things running.

Setting up a Primitive Store

You need to produce lots of primitive items or you can order directly from a manufacturer or supplier. Either way, this will entail hard work and dedication. Having enough inventories is vital so that you can close more sales. The overhead costs are cheaper if you organize an online store. When you’ve secured the needed products, you can now create a website or find an ideal location for the store. With an online store, you will need to consider the payment options, shopping cart, and the overall content. Make sure that you develop a highly optimized website so you can get better rankings in the search engines.

You should find a host and the company can provide you with the needed tools to build the website. You have to choose a great design that will match the primitive items that you’re selling. You can divide the products into categories so online shoppers can instantly find what they are looking for. Make sure that you upload photos, pricing, and details about the primitive items. If you’re having a hard time in creating an online store, you can check out Etsy. This is an established company that aids store owners who love crafts and the fee is minimal too.

To get more ideas on primitive items, you need to attend craft fairs and check out flea markets. You can even sell some of your products there. Make sure that before the opening the business, you should have already secured a business license, employer identification number (EIN), and other things that are necessary for the legal operations of the business. You will also need to purchase insurance to protect your investment and your personal assets. Choose an ideal business structure that will work for you. Offer competitive pricing to earn greater profits. Try to learn everything you can about the primitive stuffs and sell the in-demand ones. Work hard and you will succeed.

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  • Janeen Overstreet said on October 5, 2011
    I am a single parent, who LOVES Primitives! I am struggling to find a job where i now live, Evington, Va. I have noticed that there are no Primitive stores around here, that i have seen anyway. I would love to open up my own Primitive Store, it would be nice to do something that i love while earning an income. All information would be greatly appreciated.


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