How to Start a Non-CDL Business Delivery Service

In any business especially on a non-CDL business delivery services, it requires a person to be knowledgeable and well equipped of its process.

It’s very important that they planned it properly and study the policy and legal terms of the business for a legitimate and stress free transactions.

A non-CDL business is a type of business that will help a person profit a lot since it deals with delivery of services or goods. Anyone could start or invest in this type of business venture, all they have to do is to consult an experienced person for the needed input and read or research on the internet of its process as preparation.

Thing to Remember

Since every business need delivery services, this is a good start. Several of goods and items to choose from, all you have to do is to focus on which you’re company will serve. You may consider delivering fruits, diaper, meal or even pizza. This will all depend on you on what you want. You may also consider negotiating with your freight or town courier for their delivery in your area. Ask them of the price range especially on the weight since it varies from there.

You may simply start with your car if you do not have a pick-up or truck. It would be easier to purchase a new one once your business gets bigger in time. You must note that your freight fee must commensurate to the price of your competitors.

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First, it’s very important to name your business and register it to your city. Also, get a vendor’s license for the sales taxes, check a lots the website of for you to be able to know what other requirements or license are needed. As stated above, you now need to decide if what products are going to deliver and pickup. It’s also important to determine your radios within towns and city that you were willing to offer the service. Start obtaining merchant accounts through your banks since you will be accepting credit cards on your business. Maximize and promote your services, make a website that shows the type of services that you offer, its price and radius or covered area.


To widen your scope of services, start talking and offering your services to small business, schools, hospitals, offices and other establishments that required delivery services. Make sure to create a delivery and pickup log that rent your services for you to able to track down every transaction. Always be on time in delivering or picking up items to maintain good impression of the clients, build and maintain trust.

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