“How to Start a Fertilizer Business”
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  • chethan said on January 21, 2016
    hello i want to start fertilizer and seeds dealership ,what are the process of this business please help. HASSAN DISTRICT, KARNATAKA STATE, INDIA.
  • srinivas rao said on January 24, 2016
    Hello sir i want to start a new retail /distributer fertilizers and seeds business, and how to get license from andhra pradesh government. Please give me guidance, information and how much cost expense for this and which certificates are required.
  • Eugene said on January 30, 2016
    I want to start a retail fertilizer distribution business in my home town in Kottayam District of Kerala. Please give me guidance.
  • SRINU said on February 1, 2016
    Hai good mrng ...This is SRINU , I want to start fertilizers & pesticides business (buying & selling ) location is AP state EAST GODAVARI DIST, i need a clear information of how to start fertilizers business ?and purchase & permit all so , contact 9849143263
  • Collins Adu said on February 9, 2016
    Hello am Collins from Ghana,Kumasi.please I have start a liquid fertilizer company and please I need an investor to help me.
  • Sonaam David said on February 17, 2016
    Hi dear all, i am planning to open a retail/ wholesale business for fertilizers, seeds etc. at durg dist. C.G state, but i don't know any thing about it. Kindly somebody help me out for the requirements. my email id is sonaamdavid@yahoo.com.
  • patil said on March 16, 2016
    I am from nanded and I passed m.com b.ed I want to start business of fertilizer.please give me some guidance. my no 9527885881.
  • pat said on March 31, 2016
    You can partner with us to sell your fertilizer products in Nigeria, our contacts address are obepatrick2020@gmail.com, +2348033125405.
  • Jadhav Mayur Nivrutti said on May 21, 2016
    Hi I want to start fertilizer manufacturing company. Plzz give me tips all ..like how to get license, how to get loan. I am completed M.Sc (Organic chemistry ). Plzz contact me 8888576414. Email- organic.mj@gmail.com
  • manish said on May 29, 2016
    Hello, I am planning to set up a simple fertilizer factory producing chemical fertilizers for, basically, rice and wheat. I want to know the details about minimum plant and machinery requirements with its cost - i am from india
  • priya rathore said on June 12, 2016
    hello sir i am priya rathore from india sagar (M.P) i am engineer i want to start business of organic farming will you plz tell me how i can use urine as fertilizer ans for which crops urine fertilizer is good plzzzzzzzz sir reply me as soon as possible
  • Matthew said on June 13, 2016
    Hi! We are producers of a organic bio fertilizer that increases the root frolics, increases the speed of growth and increases the size of in which it grows. We are looking to bring our technology to America and I am looking for both advise and even a joint venture partner to make this happen. Is there anyone out there who would be interested in such an opportunity?
  • Bhargavi said on July 5, 2016
    Hello Everyone, Hope you are doing good. I am from India we are planning to start a business , our first preference is Fertilizers, can anyone guide us the cost estimation and how should we can start ,any ideas about new things can implement in this business . Suggestions are welcome .
  • DUVVURU RAGHUNATH REDDY said on July 8, 2016
    hi, i want to start agri related business like fertilizer, seeds, how to get a license for it. - PLEASE MENTIONED EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION ALSO. THANKS AND REGARDS, D.RAGHUNATH REDDY, NANDYAL, CELL.9705355855
  • Atulya Kumar said on July 10, 2016
    hi i am atulya from bihar. i want to start a fertilizer factory in bihar samastipur dist. plz give me the details along with the investment in starting the factory.thanks my contact 9507449085 my e-mail. kbpl2007@rediffmail.com
  • Anand said on July 18, 2016
    I'm Anand how to get fertilizer shop license in Andhra pradesh
  • Yogesh said on August 13, 2016
    I completed B.Sc. Chemistry, Can I start a Fertilizers Shop. How to apply for the license?
  • SREEKANTH BATTA said on August 18, 2016
  • yaw Preko said on September 24, 2016
    Please am in Ghana I want to establish fertilizer company but I don't have money so I want to use cow manure please educate me and how to do it. And what chemicals I can add to the cow manure. Please let me hear from you soon. Thank you very much
  • chizie said on September 28, 2016
    i am from nigeria, i seriously want to start up a fertilizer business, i need your step to step guide on how to kick start the business. and how much is required for the initial start up
  • NAGA SAI said on October 10, 2016
    Hai my name is NAGASAI, I have plan to start the fertilizers business. I want suggestions..
  • karthik reddy said on October 16, 2016
    Hi sir I'm from anantapur, AP state ,india... I'm starting fertilizer business.. I need to know how can i get license by government and how can i get connected with fertilizer company for dealership and also organic products... Can u pls send the details of my questions at lomadikarthik@gmail.com
  • Swathi sreerama said on October 21, 2016
    Hi, This is swathi, from AP. I want to start fertilizers and manure company. kindly give me the complete information regarding investment, area, license procedure and full complete details.
  • Jaime g. Exconde said on October 31, 2016
    Hi, I'm Jaime Exconde, of Tacloban City, Leyte, Philippines, a Distributor of Foliar Organic Fertilizer. I can share my humble experience in starting a fertilizer distributorship in your area/country. I am focusing on organic fertilizer that will cater your inquiries on almost all crops, whether it could be cereals, fruit trees, permanent crops and vegetables. I am looking forward to your immediate response on fertilizer business matter. Thank you.
  • Sagar Saxena said on November 23, 2016
    Hi, this is sagar saxena from India and I want to know how to produce organic fertilizers?
  • riz said on November 28, 2016
    Hai i want to start small granules factory plz give me ideas to do.
  • Rajender said on January 6, 2017
    I am Raender small fertilizer shop opecompet information to send pakrerajender87@gmail.com
  • basavaraj said on January 9, 2017
    Hi, This is basavaraj lachamani i want start Fertilizer business. location is gadag,(Dist), KARNATAKA(state) INDIA. I need clear idea of Fertilizer. like, how to start? How to purchase Fertilizes? which person can i contact? plz give suggestions...
  • praveen kumar said on January 31, 2017
    Hello sir i am praveen i want to start a new fertilizer selling business in andhr apradesh.. What is the licensing process... How to start and how to purchase? Pls help me
  • Ramanaiah said on February 27, 2017
    Hi, This is Ramanaiah, from AP. I want to start fertilizers and manure company. kindly give me the complete information regarding investment, area, license procedure and full complete details
  • Harish said on March 6, 2017
    I am willing to set up a fertilizer plant hence kindly provide me a best guider or provide me any contact number on my mail.
  • Pala Ravindrareddy said on March 17, 2017
    Hai I'm Ravindrareddy Pala. I want to start a agricultural business...like Fertilizers and seeds etc... but i don't know how to start this business, and how to buy the products, please help me.. My email address is palaravindrareddy@gmail.com, ravi.nminds@gmail.com. Contact details are 9640348383, 7569016105.. I will wait for your suggestions
  • Shekhar Jadhav said on April 23, 2017
    Hello Sir, I am from Maharashtra, India. I am willing to start Fertilizer plant. I need to know the complete information about investment, area, licenses and other details, would you please kindly provide the same..
  • David Francis Burns, OS said on May 11, 2017
    To All, This is David Francis Burns, owner of Organic Solutions, in the Southern California High-desert of the United States of America. We are proud to be the creators of the "No Chemicals added, certified organic, all natural, PURE LAND product line; fertilizers, liquid nutrients, potting soils, fungicides, pesticides, compost starters. We are proud of their purity and that no other fertilizer comes close to our performance. 1st, twice the produce, production & blooms, per plant, than the year before application. 2nd,up to 90% water-need reduction, 3rd, dormant gene activator that boosts pest resistance. 4th, meets requirements for earning "Certified Organic" designation, often doubling the value of your produce at market. Our mission is to help you reduce overhead, double the production, raise the quality and realize the exponential financial gain possible for OUR customers. Call me, David Francis Burns...And speak to me, the Owner, not a salesman, 502-264-1115.
  • Rauf patel said on June 3, 2017
    I want to take gfda Jamnagar join member for fertilization retail business. Get process
  • Mr. Frederick Takyi Ofori said on August 16, 2017
    I am Fredrick Takyi from Ghana, I want to start organic fertilizer business. I want guidance, How to start it and investors so please help. Please this my email: takyi.yaw@yahoo.com or knowledgefred@gmail.com
  • Dhiraj kumar said on August 22, 2017
    I am interested for fertilizer dealership
  • Al Mahadali said on January 19, 2018
    Hi, I would like to know where and when we could join or get a seminar about fertilizers in the Philippines. We want to start this kind of business and we wanna know more about this, first step is through seminars or symposium. Please let us know. Thanks.
  • kalidindi ramaraju said on February 12, 2018
    i want to start fertilizes@pesticides company, in west godavari, andhra pradesh, please tell me the procedure
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