How to Start a Family Daycare

Are you a mom who has the passion for children and an interest in starting a business, probably from home? Then you can start a business providing early training to little children through a day care center.

Learn the basics of what you need to do so from our guide.

Many people need daycare for their children. Some parents are both working, while others are raising their child singly and while working too, thus they need to entrust the care of their children during the day while they work. A day care center is a business that is often mostly run by mothers of little children themselves. The advantages are: they could take care of their own kids while working; they receive income on a job that they would not otherwise earn money from; and they understand children better than those who haven’t had a child.

However, if you are a mother who is contemplating on running your own day care business, be aware that while everyday at the daycare could sound like an ordinary baby sitting session, this isn’t so. A day care business is an actual business that would certainly require the acumen of a true businesswoman, if not more. Here are some of the factors to consider before getting serious about starting this business:

  • Your interest, passion and skill. Dealing with your children is okay, but dealing with the children and their parents is another thing. Be sure that you really love children, and you can stand having several of them around for several hours. And ask yourself whether you can deal with their parents too.
  • Cooperation of the family. Do your husband and children support you in this endeavour. You will need their concern, help and understanding while you go through the process of developing your business.
  • And while you may have the interest and innate ability to handle children, you would need to acquire certain skills in order to get a license for the business. While some jurisdictions may not require you to get basic medical first aid training in order to get a license (because you are dealing with a small number of children), get one yourself as this could come handy for small and big accidents that could happen whenever children are around.
  • The logistics. First off, you will need a space (a basement, an extra room, a new building) to hold your activities. You might even have to have a sleeping quarter if available. You also have to have a supply of books, drawing materials, posters, cabinets, toys, first aid supply, and sleeping items. You will have to secure your area to make it accident proof as much as you can. You’d need to have a first aid kit and fire extinguishers as part of business requirements.
  • The paperworks. You’d have to secure customary business licenses, permits and tax numbers. In addition, depending on the number of your kids and depending on local and national regulations, you will need to get a special license to provide day care service. Ask from your city office where you can apply for a license.
  • Management and Administrative Tools. You also need an area where you will keep records, receive visitors, and talk with parents. You also have to come up with policies on areas such as payment, pickup hours, discipline and training, among others.


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