How to Secure the Errors and Omissions Insurance

There are times when corporations fail to meet the specifications of certain contracts which lead to disappointed clients who can file lawsuits.

This can result to huge legal costs that can affect the finances of a business but if you have E&O insurance, you can be covered. Try to find the right insurance provider now to protect your corporation’s liability.

Overview of E&O Insurance

E&O insurance or the Errors and Omissions insurance is a must for corporations. There are times when an employee or employees of a corporation commits errors or omissions that lead to filing of lawsuits by clients. With the insurance, you can protect the corporation’s liability when there is court intervention. If you did not meet the specifications of a certain contract, the insurance is also applicable. Legal costs can get expensive and with the help of the insurance, it will be much easier for the corporation to handle such costs.

Securing an Insurance

You will need a computer, internet connection, and phone if you want to start your hunt for a provider of such insurance. The only way to limit your corporation’s liability with potential errors or omissions is by securing E&O insurance. Moat insurance providers prefer working with businesses that have been around for more than a year. Try to talk with quite a few agents so that you can identify the best deal. You need to find an airtight insurance policy that is crafted to meet the individual needs of businesses.

Make sure that you discuss the different aspects of your corporation especially the ‘needs’. Don’t forget to describe your services or products so that the right policy can be structured to meet such needs. Fill out the application form and comply with all the requirements especially in the submission of certain documents. Oftentimes, this will include submission of tax returns, balance sheets, business license, and other documents. You have to ensure that your policy is always active and try to avoid incurring lapses. Take note of the expiration term of your policy and reactivate it when needed. If you don’t have any lapses, the insurance provider will be more than willing to have your coverage reactivated in 30 days.

Another way to protect your corporation from liability errors or omissions is increase coverage. The coverage amount can be as low as $5,000 but you can always increase the coverage limit to hundreds or thousands of dollars. Since the insurance providers focus in several fields like real estate, technology, home inspections, teaching, etc., you may need to consult with the right provider that specializes in your special field. The general liability insurance will not cover errors or omissions in the contract performance and professional liability so you will need to get the E&O insurance. Although this may seem an extra cost on your part, it can cover most of the legal expenses that may arise from potential lawsuits.


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