How to Say No in Business

Are you having difficulty on saying “no” to your clients or customers and you don’t know of some good ways of how to say “no” in business?

Saying “no” is the hardest word to verbalize in business deals and negotiations so here are some proper ways of saying “no” in business matters.

Reasons Why Saying “No” in Business is Hard to Speak

Have you been in a situation where you are having difficulty on how to say “no” in your business deals and negotiations? Saying “no” is the hardest word to speak on your clients or customers especially if you can’t grant their certain request that is beyond the company’s policy. This is the usual dilemma in service-oriented businesses on how to explain to customer that not all requests can be granted. Instead of saying “no”, we used to say other words that will sound polite and not rude in the ears of the customers. For some reasons, the word “no” has different interpretations for the listener depending on how it was said and the tone of the voice. To help you out to manage on this kind of situation we have prepared some good pointers on how to say “no” in business in proper ways.

Proper Ways of Saying No in Business Negotiations

Saying “no” doesn’t mean that you have to say it directly, although there are times that you can’t hardly think of other words aside from “no” to refuse a certain request or you have a limited capability of granting what is being asked for. In this manner, being honest is a big factor in convincing your customer even though they will not be happy to hear your answer. Just explain to them in lower tone why you need to refuse the request and give your sincerest apology on the matter. This is the right move rather than you make promises which you know it is not possible to happen and will lead the customer to hope for it for nothing. If this happen, you will not only lose customers but in worst cases your company can be a subject for a lawsuit. To avoid this scenario, as the business owner you should train your staff appropriately and give them proper guidance in handling this kind of situation.

Even in business letters or emails there is a big probability of saying “no” to your response. The only difference is that you have so much time to comprise the words that will explain your answer and why you need to refuse such requests compared to a live conversation. Just be careful in choosing the right words that might be confusing to the reader and avoid using negative expressions that can be offensive in such way. Always bear in mind although you are saying “no” on your reply, you should convince the reader that you are still helping them to look for other ways by recommending them prompt solutions even if it is not what they asked for.

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