How to Open Cellular Store

If you want to start a cellular store, you will have to decide where you will focus. For storeowners who don’t want to specialize, you can offer a wide range of services and products like post paid, prepaid, upgrades, and many others.

Find a location and lease it out. Address all legalities to operate the business with ease.

When you decide to open a cellular store, it doesn’t end there. If you noticed, cellular stores tend to focus on different aspects or areas. It is vital that you decide on a field of specialization so that you can focus your efforts. For instance, you can stick with post paid activation services, upgrades, prepaid activation, and sales of hardware or accessories. You have to set the margins in order to compete with existing cellular stores. Depending on where you get your inventory, you may be able to sell the items at a reasonable cost.

Tips on Starting Cellular Store

In a postpaid activation, your clients are required to sign a 1-2 year contract. You will need to negotiate with a carrier since your clients will be locked for a certain period. The thing about this is that your clients can’t just quit or they will pay a termination fee. For cellular activation, you can earn around $75 to $250. Just imagine how much money you can make if you’re able to activate 15 to 50! The commissions can change because of certain factors like the price plan, the phone’s price, features, and contract period.

Another service that you can provide is upgrades. This can happen when the clients decide to extend their contracts. With this option, you can profit from $30 to $100. Today, the prepaid services are one of the most popular. You still focus in one carrier but you can always work with other major companies in your area. Decide on the type of service that you will be offering. If you want, you can offer all of them so that you can attract more customers. It would also help if you have a website where you can cater to the needs of your client. Develop a business site and you can reach a wider market area.

You will need to look for a store front space. Leasing is an ideal solution to cut down the costs. Purchase the needed materials and supplies for the business office. Find manufacturers and suppliers of cellular phones and make arrangement with carriers. With a solid plan, you will be able to succeed in this type of business. Secure a business license and since you’re going to sell products, you will also have to charge sales tax. A lawyer can help you in addressing all issues. Make sure that you submit the required documents and pay the fees. Start with the advertising campaigns prior to opening to promote the business in the local market.


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