How to Name a Craft Business

Business name is very important in any kind of business so that it will be recognized by the public. However, it is not just about giving it a name because it is necessary to know how to name a craft business.

Thorough thinking should be done to come up with the right business name.

People who are artistic, imaginative and creative should consider starting a craft business. Realizing great idea to make beautiful products is the key to start a craft business. Just like any other business it is necessary to think about business name that is suitable to the craft products you would be selling. Nevertheless, there are some things to consider when naming a creative business. It is not enough just to give it name because you should consider how your business will be remembered by your target customers.

Naming the Craft Business

  • Identify personality – As soon as you decide to start a craft business you also need to begin thinking of the business name. As you are into creative business it is ideal to think of a business name that would attract people easily. The business name should have personality that would reflect the product as well as the personal flair. As much as possible you should use business name that is distinctive so that your target customers will remember it easily among your competitors.
  • Descriptive – Whimsical name would be fun but it would be perfect if you will use creative names. Keep in mind that the business name can help you attracting the attention of customers and at the same time helps you conveying your business. In this sense, you should use business name that would help your customers know what crafts you are making. Otherwise, customer would not give more time identifying your business. Likewise, your business can be easily found online when its name is descriptive.
  • In this sense, if your business has web address make sure that it contains descriptive category terms.
  • Visually compelling – When thinking of craft business name see to it that it could capture all the senses. It would be easier to build beautiful brand that you can use in advertising. In order to become unique among your competitors you should develop a name, logo and products that are unique.

Moreover, when naming a craft business you should keep it simple, look and sound good. In addition, before naming your business you should check with your county clerk if there is another company that owns the name you are thinking. Keep in mind that you are required to register your business name and once that it has the same name prior of your registration it will not be accepted. Likewise, you can also get ideas from your family, friends and fellow crafters.


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