How to Make Money with Junk

Do you agree that there is money with junks? Many people can’t see the importance of the pieces of “junks” that can be found in the attic or basement of the house, don’t ignore them because they might have a value that is worth for selling.

If you’re interested on how to make money with junk, here are some hints for you.

Is there Money with Junks?

Junks are everywhere and most people just ignore them as ordinary items with no value. Most of the time that junks are treated the same as trash, which are totally worthless at all. But not all junks are trash and some of them have a great value if you just have a keen eye on it. Also, take note that what we usually see as “junks” are being treated as “gold” of some business-minded persons in the community like junkyard owners.

There are certain points in our lives that we are financially unstable and having a job is not enough to sustain our daily needs. While we think for another source of income, why we should not look inside the house and find some “junks” that we used to snub most of the times. Old newspapers, bottles, and even plastic containers can provide you a decent amount of cash if you’re hands are not sensitive to carry those dirty things towards the nearest junkyard in the neighborhood.

Scrap metals are abundant if you walk down the streets like copper wires, aluminum sheets, iron pipes, hub caps with stainless steel, car radiators with brass metal, and other scraps has huge values when you have accumulated hundreds of pounds of these junk items. For example, unstrapped copper wires cost around 35 cents per pound, what if you stripped and removed the insulation; it normally cost about more than a dollar per pound. There are more other things that we used to call as “junks” which are kept in the attic or basement of the house like used clothing, old toys, old furniture, and other old stuffs. The only thing you need to do is to give time for yourself to search around and collect them for reselling.

Where to Sell and How to Make Money with Junk?

Now that you know the “junks” worth for reselling and you’re next step is where and how to sell them.

  • For scrap metals, go to the nearest junkyard or wrecking yard in your area, since they are heavy use a pushcart for carrying the junks if available.
  • For home items, you can resell them through a garage sale if there’s a space in the house where you can display all the stuffs you want to sell. Post a signboard in front of the house so your neighbors will learn about the garage sale.
  • If you are computer savvy and know how to use the internet, you can auction the items through Just take a good picture and post it in the net. However, when reselling through auctions, it requires you to be patient and might takes time before they can be sold.

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