How to Make Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

Do you want to help in maintaining the cleanliness of the air and to lessen the toxic wastes sprawling in our environment by making environmentally friendly cleaning products?

If this is your goal then we have prepared some practical solutions on how to make environmentally friendly cleaning products at your home and will suit to your budget as well.

making environment friendly cleaning products

Helping Mother Earth by Making Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

One of the main issues nowadays is focused on how to create environmentally friendly cleaning products due to the increasing problem of toxic waste and pollution in our environment. Numerous products being sold today contains harmful ingredients that add up on the air pollution and the factories where they are being processed spill out toxic chemicals which runs through our rivers. Perhaps you will be amazed on the cleaning powers of these commercial products but in return you will eventually realize its bad effects to our environment. Not to mention yet the plastic containers used by these products and later being thrown away after use. These plastics are very unsafe if not properly disposed and can cause too much pollution by land, water, and air.

If you will imagine during the times when cleaning products are not yet commercialized our great, great ancestors are using natural home-made cleaning ingredients which are environment-friendly, non-toxic, and safe to use. Among these are vinegar, lemons, olive oil, baking soda, borax, mineral oils, and essential oils. These ingredients are widely available in the market so anyone can make their own environmentally friendly cleaning products any time at their home.

Ways to Making Environment- Friendly Cleaning Products at your Home

Although there are many sources of how to make your own environmentally friendly cleaning products (also referred as green cleaning products) we will provide the most basic ingredients including their application for household use. The preparation is so easy and it will save you more than half of the price of an ordinary commercial cleaning product available in different stores.

To make an all-purpose cleaner, you will need ½ gallon of water to be mixed with ¼ cup of baking soda and ½ cup of distilled white vinegar. You can add up few drops of essential oil if you want to reduce the smell of the vinegar but normally the smell will diminish once the solution dries out. In cleaning the rims of the toilet bowl you just splash it with vinegar and let it dry within few minutes before scrubbing with a toilet brush. For more deodorizing effect, sprinkle a right amount of baking soda to the toilet brush then scrub the surface thoroughly. In killing household bacteria, lemon juice is advisable to use and can leave a nice smell, too. Same also when polishing different furniture, just mix olive oil and lemon juice and wipe it on the surfaces. The result is shiny and scented furniture.


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