How to Charge for Commercial Cleaning

Are you in a business of commercial cleaning services but you do not have any idea of the right charging of prices for commercial cleaning?

If you’re having difficulty on how to charge for commercial cleaning therefore we will give you a few viewpoints in charging the reasonable amount to your customers for the cleaning services you offer to them accordingly.

The Reasonable Charging of Prices for Commercial Cleaning

Getting into a business like offering commercial cleaning services to households or offices is a lucrative business endeavor if you barely know how to charge in a reasonable manner. Remember that your main goal in establishing a commercial cleaning service business is to make a good enough amount of profit. Proper pricing is very important in a particular business and some businesses fail because of the wrong judgment in charging their services. As the manager of the business, you should know the factors that are connected to the charging of prices. The actual cost of the pricing should be reasonable enough to catch up on the cash flow of your business like buying your tools and equipments, the maintenance for the equipments, the salary of your staff, the corresponding taxes you’ll be paying for, and other expenses. The competition should also be considered on the charging of prices and it should be competitive enough for your customers and clients.
In view of this, here are some suggestions on how you can arrive for better charging of prices for your business of commercial cleaning services.

Ways to Better Charging

In setting up the rates for your services, you should do first a little market research for the current charging particularly within your area. Doing so will give you a good perspective of how much are the current standard rates existing in your locality. You can contact other commercial cleaning companies just to get some sort of idea on how they charge their customers especially if your just new in the business. You can also get ideas from your potential clients and ask them on how much they were charged in the past by other companies. After gathering the information you needed then make an evaluation if the prices are also fitted on the kind of services you will offer. It is now time for you to create your own price arrangements. Typically, a company can charge by hourly rate or by the size of the area. This really makes sense because some rooms like conference rooms need more tasks for cleaning and the time required for finishing the job could be longer than the other rooms of the building. The competition with other companies can also affect your charging rates but make it sure that the profit margin is still favorable to your business.

Always keep in mind that charging the services should benefit both sides; you and your customers. Give them a high quality of service and definitely they will pay you accordingly to the price you set for them.


  • Thom Del Rosso said on May 9, 2014
    location: Cleveland, Ohio. Starting a commercial cleaning service and want to know what I should charge for a medium size car dealership. This will include offices and restrooms as well as the sales floor. I am looking for a "ball park" estimate.
  • Tshewang said on October 19, 2014
    location: Thimphu, Bhutan. Starting a commercial cleaning service and want to know what I should charge for a hour or size of area. This will include offices and restrooms as well as the sales floor. I am also looking for a "ball park" estimate.


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