How to Make a Business Budget

Budget making is never an easy thing to do. There are a lot of considerations and aspects that have to be looked into before you finally come up with the final budget figure.

The same thing is also a problem of plenty of businesses today which is why it is rather an urgent thing for business owners to be aware of how to make a business budget.

In all businesses, budget is a big factor in the financial plan that is being created when the business is just being planned or might even be part of the business plan itself. But if you are presently considering some spinoffs or even a new venture to be launched, even if a business plan is not there, as long as the budget is good, you will survive for sure. For this, it is a must that you know how to make a business budget to be prepared for unexpected situations.

The business budget is like the budget that you will use for the personal finances that you have. When business is concerned, it is an effective tool for one to identify if the business idea in mind is viable or not. This also gives a chance to business owners to evaluate their present financial situation as well as lay out a plan in a manner that in can help them in reaching their business’ financial goals. Also, when budget for business is maintained regularly, you can easily track the expenses that you have, make an analysis of your income and even anticipate financial needs that may arise in the future.

Goal Identification

The initial step that you must make when creating your budget is to identify the goals that your business has. Similar with information that will be included in your business plan, you will also have to think of the things that you would like to accomplish in your business.

Going Through what You Have

Take some time in reviewing your business documents as they are today, which will include the income statement, balance sheet, previous tax returns, outstanding debts, liabilities, assets as well as cash flow projection. Do not also forget to review the current budgets that you are using in the business for this will serve as the starting point for the new budget that you will create.

Defining Costs

Define first the costs that are associated to the goals that you have identified in the initial step. This will serve as basis in breaking down specified amounts for each goal, starting for an annual one, then breaking it down to a monthly one. Utilize previous business data in filling out all costs and carry out researches for approximation for an item that you do not know the cost.

Business Budget Creation

Using the information that you have gained in the second and third steps, make a spreadsheet. A good way to have it done is through working backwards, starting from below and checking where you will end. Remember that there might be a need for adjustments when you are developing your budget.


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