How to Find Work History

Work history is very vital to someone who seeks for another employment or wants to go back to school.

There are ways on how to find work history. This article will guide you how to do it.

According to sources, there are agencies that may help you on how to find work history. These include the Social Service System as well as the Internal Revenue Service.

Key Points on How to Find Work History

In order to get what you need, you may first try to visit the Social Security Administration. This has their official website made accessible in the net. This agency is responsible for keeping employment records as well as wages that they use later on in determining your retirement benefits. Once you have entered to their site, you may expect for a form that you should print out and fill up. It is called as the 7050 form which serves as your request to get income information. The details that are being asked of you here are your Social Security number, name and your birth date.

Here, you will need to put the particular year when you are requesting that particular information. There are fees that you will need to pay once completing this form.

The next thing to do is to visit the official site of the Internal Revenue Service. Once you have already entered to the page, you may find and click the publications and forms bar. Next is to click the Forms and Instruction Number (PDF) section in the site. You may now find here the 4506 form that allows you to know what your history information of employment as well as your order tax return. Have this form furnished and mail it to the IRS office together with your payment.

The next thing you should do is look for the contacts of your previous employers. By the time you already have their contacts, connect with them. They usually have the records as well as the files of the previous employers in their department called as human resources department. Utilize the contact information such as their phone numbers or emails. Once you have successfully connected to it, you may now request to have copies of the W-2 forms as well as the annual employee income reports.

Lastly, you need to look for your personal files. As a previous employee of an establishment, you may have kept some important files of your employment. Utilize those files that you kept in order to patch together the information of your employment history. The files that are referred here are job offers, job documents and hiring letters. You must also be organized as well as accurate with this to make sure that they will facilitate easy data gathering. The information that you will get here are useful in summing up the information regarding your work history with your past employer.


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