How to Do a Performance Review

Employing a performance review is important in building a successful business. Performance reviews encourage good relationship between employees and employers.

There are helpful steps that can help on how to do performance reviews.

Conducting a performance reviews is a stressful task. The review can make or break the future of an employee. That is why every time the company is conducting a performance review many employees are nervous. On the other hand, conducting a performance review can also assist employees in achieving their goals and at the same time improving the quality of work.
Simple Steps in Conducting Performance Review

  • Create Review Worksheet
  • The first thing to do when conducting a performance review is to create review worksheet. Include in the worksheet the strengths and weaknesses of the employees and other details that can contribute in the success of the company. Provide space in the worksheet where you can give commendation. Print copies of the worksheet for both the interviewer and the employee.

  • Arrange Schedule of Review
  • During the schedule of review give instruction to the employees to fill out the spaces with their answers. However, it is important to give prior notice to the concerned employees about the scheduled review so that they can prepare. As much as possible the scheduled review should be on the convenient time to avoid interruption. When making the review, make sure not to use judgmental and harsh language. In this way you can prevent employees from being defensive.

  • Carry out the Performance Review
  • Performance review should be scheduled at least twice a year. Keep in mind that the purpose of the review is to encourage open discussion between both parties. Create non-threatening atmosphere during the review so that employees will be at ease. Encourage the employees to read their answers and never forget to thank their thoughts. In like manner, it is also appropriate to read the comments and commendations of employees for their hard work. In case there is a need to give critic, employ it in a tactful way. Start giving positive comment and the encouraging comment should follow. As much as possible encourage employees to give feedbacks. Comparing with each and every employee should be avoided. Moreover, setting goals and action plan is ideal to help employees reach them.

  • Follow-up
  • After conducting the performance review it is necessary to make follow-up. In this way you can ensure to track the performance of the employees especially the areas that needs improvement. Another performance review should be conducted when the needs arise. This will help correcting unacceptable behavior and negative patterns. On the part of the employee, it is necessary to ensure making a good impression. Regard the review as learning opportunity in which you can obtain valuable information that can help in improving the quality of work.


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