How to Do a Lien Search

If you are into real property business it is necessary to know how to do a lien search. Likewise, you should also understand how lien search works and its significance.

Knowing the things relevant in doing the lien search can help the process.

What Is Lien?

Before doing a lien search it is necessary to understand what is lien. It is a legal claim of real or personal property that will be used as collateral for money and services owed to other person or entity. A lien is common in situations like obtaining loan putting vehicle title as collateral. This is also called as second mortgages in which the borrower is required to provide substantial item to guarantee the money loaned. The lien protects the property because the borrower has no right to sell the property or even transfer the title. On the other hand, the lien is advantageous to lender because the property can be sold as payment for the loan. This makes sense doing the lien search in order to know if the property that is put into collateral has lien.

Doing lien search is involved in buying and selling of business, car and other properties. There are important factors to consider when dealing with lien search. However, the process depends on the category of the search involve. Apparently, if you will do property lien search you will need to double check the relevant information about the property such as directional indicators as well as the number of the property. It should also include the correct address of the property and the property owner’s name. On the other hand, entrepreneurs who want to buy business carry out business lien search. This is an important step to tackle before investing in a business that is not yours. Likewise, the lien search will also spare you from purchasing a business with lien attached.

How Does Lien Search Works?

There are various kinds of lien search and the process varies depending on the kinds of lien. Mechanic lien search is the most common in which the borrower put collateral for materials and services used in improving the property. Likewise, this kind of lien search is involved in maintenance, repairs, landscaping, renovation as well as constructing new property. In like manner, it is necessary to ensure that the real estate you are planning to purchase has no lien. Otherwise, you will find difficulty in securing the title. Definitely, you need to hire a professional to conduct the lien search because it is a legal and technical process.

Owning new property is an investment and obviously no one would want to take risk the hard earned money. That is why it is significant to conduct a lien search before deciding to pay the agreed price. Otherwise, you will end up paying property that you cannot own as it is not clear and free.


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