How to Develop New Business

Business development must be your number one goal if you want to achieve financial stability. This is a process that you need to understand and to apply as well to make sure that you will gain, be on the list of the most successful business in the industry.

If you would like to know the tips and ways on business development, reading this article can be your best option.

One of the things you need to bear in mind for your small business is managing and developing the leads for potential clients and customers. You also need to consider data mining by picking the top ten businesses you wish to do business with. By researching online, you will gain all the information about a certain company which includes the services and the products they provide. You also need to list their complete employees starting from the CEO’s down to the janitors. By making an organizational chart, you will be able to determine the best decision makers.

Tips to Develop New Business

The next tricky part of the business development is picking up the phone. You will need to be connected with either the answering machine or the secretary. It is advisable for you not to sound as a salesman but a person who is asking for help. By giving the gate keeper the authority, you can make the situation more ideal and professional than simply appearing as a salesman. Of course, the first step you need to take is asking the secretary on whom you can speak with to set up the vendor list of your company. After that, two things will happen: either you will be provided with the information on what to do next or you will be connected with the person you wish to speak with.

After being connected to your target, you have to speak with him or her slowly but clearly. Bear in mind that you need to get to the main point in just a span of 10 seconds so that he or she will not lose interest on what you have to say. Just introduce yourself and your business and give him a brief description on what you offer for the customers. After that, only two things will happen; either he or she will offer you a business opportunity or he will thank you or the offer.

Now, what if he just thanked you for your offer? This does not mean that he will no longer need the services for products you offer in the future. By being persistent, you can get what you have always wanted. You just have to send him on a regular basis your company’s reference list, Workers Comp, W9, and insurance. By being as creative as you can, you can already succeed.
In order for you to get the target prospect, you can offer the same service or product in a cheaper amount thus, driving your competitor away.


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