How to Determine Market Value

When selling a real property it is very important to know its value in the market before trying to sell it.

Through this method both you and the buyer will gain benefit from the process.

List of Property Features

A good preparation is what you need before selling your property. You can start by roaming around the property and make a list of what it feature since it is what most of the buyers look into. You can include your list the number of bedrooms and its size or its style. It is also helpful if you will determine the total size of the whole property, the date of its construction, and other important details that are necessary for the buyer to know. If there are appliances included on the property, it is also recommended to state its condition for the buyer to know if it is worth to purchase. Additionally, the exact location where that place is situated must also be discussed with the buyer. Be precise in presenting the features, so that your buyer will be encourage in purchasing it.

Research to Determine the Price of the Property

Properties are being sold with different prices depending to the features that the property have. To determine the right amount for the property that you are selling you can first look into its features and do some research. Check the neighborhood for properties for sale but make sure that it has similar features to your owned property. Compare the amount that you have checked to the amount of your property and determine whether you’ll gain profit from the price or not. You can also research online or consult a broker to help you in making a decision. A thorough research is necessary to avoid wrong decision.

Factors that will affect the Market Value

There are several factors to consider before you can come up with the right market value of your property these are the external and internal characteristics, location, and its demand to the neighborhood. The external characteristic refers to the condition of the house as well as its size. The architectural style of the property is also an important factor to check. On the other hand, internal characteristics is also an important factor since it refers to the rooms, construction quality, the condition of the appliance, and the cooling system as well as the heating type. If the location is near the commercial area it is possible to raise its price into a much higher amount but this will still depend to the condition of the house.

Seek for Comparable Sales

The process of comparable sales is also an effective method to determine the market value of a property. It may be hard to do this on your own that’s why the help of the assessor’s office on your local area is important. You can also seek guidance from a private institution that offers comparable sales.


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