How to Complain About Bad Service

It is indeed investable wherein that customer will face bad customer service at one point of their life. In such case, a customer must take note of the step by step process on how to complain a company for their bad service.

As customers, we often use the cliche "the customer is always right" and let us accept the fact that most of us are abusing it.

However, there are actually times too wherein indeed customers are right since customers are given poor service. If such scenario happens, a customer must forward their complaint to a company due to bad service. Despite the fact that the process might be full of flaws at times, being persistent will do the need so that your voice will be heard. Here are some of the ways that you can do to complain a bad service in companies with sub-par services.

  • Written Complaint

    Many of us disregard the importance of having a formal complaint which is written. But the truth is that a written complaint will surely be a big help especially when it comes to documentation. In writing a written complaint, you must write about your complaint and the outcome that you desire to have. In consideration with the desired outcome, you must make it clear so that you and the company you are complaining about will not have further problems.
  • Practice Diplomacy

    Even though it is expected that customers will be angry with a bad customer service, it is still advised that customers be diplomatic. If a customer will manifest emotional outburst as they talk with a customer service representative, then it might not actually help. If the customer service representative is not able to answer your concerns and cannot decide over decisions to your complaint, then you must escalate it with a supervisor.
  • Contact the Management through Email

    The management knows for a fact that it is the customers that serve as the lifeblood of their company. And if by chance that their attention is caught with a complaint from customers, then they are likely to help you. This is very helpful in cases wherein your complaint is not given resolutions amicably in your first attempt of complaining.
  • Have a Third Party to Mediate

    In the worst case scenario wherein your complaint for bad customer service is not given proper resolution, then you must have a third party between you so that you will be given what you ought to have. There is the Better Business Bureau that will serve as a liaison for you and the company that you are complaining. The Better Business Bureau or also known as BBB is a third party with the prime purpose of giving grades to companies in accordance with their response to complaints from customers.


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