How to Communicate Effectively in Business

When running a business, especially if it is a startup, the importance in how to communicate effectively cannot be over emphasized. Lack of knowledge regarding this can result to serious business endings, and it can even be a catalyst for business as a make or break factor to thrive in the industry.

Read on to learn the basics of effective business communication.

 There is no doubt that in running a business, especially if this is just a startup one, the importance of effective communication cannot be over emphasized. The reason for this is the simple and obvious fact that in every aspect of running a business there is communication going on: the owner and the clients; the owner and his employees; the employees and the clients; and even the employees and the suppliers or contractors. If one would sum up this web of communication going around in running a company, how to communicate effectively is crucial. One wrong glitch in the communication process can make or break a company’s dominance in the industry. One misinterpretation in the communication relayed can create havoc and thus the end of the business.

Though there are many tips and tricks on how to communicate effectively in business, there are basics that one should know and learn so as to be aware of this. Below are some guidelines:

Follow the 7Cs of Communication

When you are geared toward how to communicate effectively in business just remember the seven Cs about it, namely: clear, concise, concrete, correct, complete, coherent, and courteous. You cannot go wrong with these seven Cs of communication. This can be applied verbally or even in the exchange of documents. One example wherein you can best apply this is through the exchange of emails. This kind of electronic communication has far been the most prevalent way in relaying your business intentions. See the effect of applying the seven Cs the next time you send an email in the communication process in your organization.

Never Fear Mistakes

As it is important to follow the seven Cs of communication, you must remember that it is just theoretical business wisdom. And as they say, you must walk the path yourself. Apply these knowledge and information as diligent and conscientious as you can especially in verbal and interpersonal communication that happens in your business. You will learn that you will commit mistakes once in a while. Just be aware of it and make adjustments as you go along in the perfection of this business wisdom. And as you hone your skills in applying these seven Cs of communication, your business transactions will become clearer and clearer and less misinterpretation happening along the way.


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