How to Check Contractor License

The states in America are encouraging all their contractors to obtain their licenses. Hiring the service of licensed contractors is a lot better than utilizing the services of those that are unlicensed.

In order to get the right licensed contractor for your business, you must learn how to check contractor license.

There are certain steps that you have to do regarding how to check contractor license. Following such stipulations is essential in order to determine if the one that you will hire is legitimate for the profession that he has.

Look into State Records

The licensing for contractors is organized state by state. In connection with this, you have to determine first the state where your target contractor hails from. In a typical sense, the license of contractors is presented in each state in United States. Even though the contractors are not working in states, still, the records are very visible in the state where they live or applied for the licensing. Just in case you cannot find the license record of the contractor as to where they live, you have to ask them of which state they have accomplished the licensing process.

Online Searching

Aside from looking directly into the office of the state where your suspected contractor lives, you can also visit the site where they are living. This is sometimes preferred by the employers because of the convenience brought by this means. Once you have successfully entered in the site of the concerned state, you just have to search for the button for contractor license. In clicking this, you will be shown with the occupational licenses portal. You must be aware that every state in U.S has its own internal search function intended for the information in licensing. The variances of such are as follows:

  • License Board
  • License Registrar
  • Department of Professional Regulation

Search Items

Entering search terms is also another way of checking the license of your contractor. This is in connection with the online searching for the information of the license of your contractors. Be aware that the researchable items differ from state to state. In using this means of determining the licensing of your contractor, it will allow you to search by name as well as company. On the other hand, there are also some that will let you search by country license number or license type. This implies that the more you know about the pertinent information about your contractor, the greater the chance that you will find the information that you really need. If you desire to be discrete, you have the option of just utilizing the license number or the company that you may find in the trucks of typical contractors.

Status Viewing

Lastly, you have to view the status of the results that you have gained. Under this, you will determine if the license of the contractor whom you are investigating is already expired. The licenses of the contractors that are already expired are sorted in red colors.


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