How to Buy Business Phone

The cost of the business phone is usually the first thing that enters your mind once you decide to get a business phone. Establish your budget first so that you can shop around for the right business phone.

Pick only usable features so that you can save on the cost. A single phone is quite affordable but if you need a bigger telephone system, it will also cost you more.

The Features of a Business Phone

If you have a business, it is important that you have your own telephone line. This is the fastest way to get in touch with your customers, suppliers, and other important persons. If you want to buy a business phone, you will need to invest some money and the amount will usually depend on the size of your telephone system as well as the features that are included in the package. Telephones systems vary so be sure to compare the ones available in the market. When it comes to features, you will need to consider the type of your business and pick only the usable features.

Among the most basic features are auto attendant, conferencing features, automated directory, voice mail, call hold, call forwarding, speed dial, redial, paging, music on hold, and back up power. With the auto attendant feature, you don’t need a receptionist because you can simply record the instructions when re-routing calls. If you have several key employees, it would help if the phone has conferencing features so that you can have a conversation together. The minimum is two phones but if you have a larger business, you can discuss the options with the provider.

Other Features and the Cost of a Business Phone

Through the automated directory, you can easily look for the extension by typing the first 2-3 letters. If employees are not available, the voice mail feature can allow the caller to leave a message. The call hold feature can be used if the employee is still doing something in the office and someone called; or you can use call forwarding wherein you can forward or give the call to extension lines. Frequently called phone numbers can now be dialed with ease through speed dialing feature. The last number dialed can be redialed by simply touching the ‘redial’ button. If you want to call the attention of an employee, you can use the paging feature.

The music on hold is the recorded music that is played while the phone is on hold. If in case there is power outage, the back up power can provide 10 – 60 minutes of electricity for emergency purposes. The cost of the entire telephone system will depend on the features that you want to include, the desk sets or handsets, wiring, and installation. Shop around so that you can get an idea of how much a business phone cost. If you only need one business phone, the cost will also be small as compared to telephone systems with more than three handsets.


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