How to Become an Insurance Adjuster

The job of an insurance adjuster is to investigate the insurance claims, write detailed reports as well as review the policy information. You need not need to earn college degree to become an insurance adjuster.

However, it is important to know how to become an insurance adjuster.

If you want to become an insurance adjuster you should anticipate that you need to deal personally with people who have insurance policy on their home, vehicle and other assets. Likewise, it is also the responsibility of the insurance adjuster to estimate the damages as caused by fire, theft and other property damages. If you have the ability to deal with people from all walks of life then this is the right job for you. Keep in mind that dealing with people can directly pass their stress and anger at you. Thus, you should also possess empathy so that you can efficiently deal with them.

Tips to Become an Insurance Adjuster

  • Education
  • Although bachelor’s degree is not a necessity on becoming an insurance adjuster, most insurance companies prefer an applicant who has completed four-year degree of relevant courses such as finance, business law, economics and accounting. On the other hand, you can also take online courses that can help you to become an insurance adjuster.

  • Licensing
  • If you have completed degree course the next step to take is to obtain the necessary licensing requirements that will let you perform your job. Keep in mind that some states offer specific exams before issuing the formal license. In like manner, after you have obtained the required license, you still need to take continuing education courses that are needed in renewing licenses.

  • Look for Job
  • Once you are equipped with knowledge and license, you should not wait long looking for the job. You can seek help from insurance company for recommendations. Make sure that you are knowledgeable enough to answer and provide different information according to the claims of the clients. When searching for job you should consider the responsibilities associated with being an insurance adjuster. The job description includes administrative, clerical and mathematical skills. Likewise, there is a great chance to work internationally as well as obtain job security benefits.

To sum it up, becoming an insurance adjuster requires the ability to assess the claims of the clients in their properties, casualties and personal damages. Keep in mind that the knowledge about insurance will be the key of landing in the position. In this sense, you should invest in taking formal course or online course that can give you the knowledge needed in the job. The job is not an easy task however if you can ensure to provide better estimates you can expect that clients and insurance companies will seek your service.


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  • B 1 Luv said on May 28, 2013
    I have found that the dept of insurance within your own State is the best place to start your research being that they control the schools that provide the education required to obtain an independent/public adjuster license. Also to being your new career, there are several companies searching to sub contract Adjusters... and I have recognized a huge potential in handling claims in areas post catastrophe. Thanks for reading, if anyone has anything they'd like to add or comment feel free to send me an email:


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