How to Become an Animator

One of the ever fast developing careers as a professional these days is being an animator. This is one profession wherein you will not just earn money but your innate talent and skills as an artist will also be further developed.

Learn how to become an animator and make the most out of your artistic talents in a more productive way.

It is true that animation is never the same as what it was years ago. In this era or the more modern technology, animation can be best achieved with the help of the more advanced software and technology on computer graphics. These advancements have been of great help for the animators to be able to come up with various images that are almost life-like. But you should be aware that not all work can be accomplished by the computers. There is still a need for the animators to have the capacity to imagine, produce and finally design those images and even utilize computer animation. And this just means that on how to become an animator, technical skills combined with natural abilities is required.

Animation to Grow in the Future

The growth in the jobs for animators is remarkable, thanks to the existence of computers which have dominated even our way of working, communicating and entertaining. Before, animation is only limited to the commercials in television and programs for children. But today, animation is already playing an important role in various industries and not simply for entertainment. The industry that deals with online advertising as well as the websites that you know all call for the need of some animation. Web designs and animated advertisements call for some help of skilled animals just the same in the industry of entertainment. Animators will surely land on a job in video games and films as well.

Salary of Animators

On average, animators can earn $45,000 in a single year. But if you are equipped with all the abilities and with the proper education, you will surely get more in this kind of industry. Those animators who are already professionals and with more responsibility and experience can earn as high as $80,000 yearly.

Education in Computer Animation

Education is actually not a requirement just so you can be part of the field of animation but still, it is essentially recommended. If you are hoping to become an animator someday, a degree on computer animation will be the best way for you to develop the computer as well as needed graphic design skills that will be called for once you are part of the big world of animation.

Choose the Degree Program on Animation

Various universities and colleges offer degrees on animation all around the country. Most of these can be completed even online, while some are offered during weekends and at night. Choose the program that will best suit you depending on the availability that you have, budget as well as schedule. Use your best judgment when you choose the program that you will enroll to.


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