How to Become a Licensed Pharmacy Technician

The main function of Pharmacy Technician is to help the pharmacist to fill up the prescriptions available. As of the moment, the demand for pharmacy technician is increasing.

This implies that this career may be the one suited for you. However, there are steps on how to become a licensed pharmacy technician.

Before you become a pharmacy technician, you have to do first some stipulations in order to become one. There are steps on how to become a licensed pharmacy technician that must be followed.

Know the Licensing Requirements

The basic step on how to become a licensed pharmacy technician starts in identifying the state requirement for the licensing. To gather the information regarding this, you can go directly to the licensing office of the state where you belong. One of the most common requirements of the state licensing office is the age requirement of the applicant. Mostly, those people who want to become a licensed pharmacy technician must be at least 18 years of age and above.

Enrol in Pharmacy Technician Courses

After you have identified the requirements for pharmacy technician licensing, you need now to enrol in programs for pharmacy technician. These are the programs that are almost accessible in all community colleges and other vocational schools. The course for this type of profession is usually offered for a span of twelve months and comes with full-time study type. The main coverage of these programs are ethics and laws in pharmacy industry as well as pharmaceutical terminology.

Start the Licensing Process

Once you have already completed the course for pharmacy technician, you can now apply for its licensing. In most policies of states, they are requiring the post grad students of this course to get their license. This is done by means of passing the examination administered by the licensing office. Aside from knowing the licensing requirements, you also need to contact the state pharmacy board for some of the restrictions imposed. Moreover, you have the chance to be given a study guide once you approached the legitimate licensing office involved.

Obtaining Units in Masters and Getting Hired

Once you have already passed the examination administered, you can continue your education by means of undergoing masters or any form of continuing education. As a matter of fact, there are some states which are encouraging the licensed pharmacy technicians to continue acquiring units in masters. Most of the continuing education courses offered are focusing on pharmacy laws. These can be taken for a span of two years. Also, you have to secure your pharmacy job right after you have obtained your license. One of the largest employers of pharmacy technicians are retail pharmacies. These can be your target employers. Other possible workplaces are private sectors, hospitals and other health care facilities. The college career service department of your place can be another excellent possible employer. So this means that you can be of service to this department.


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