How to Become a Labor and Delivery Nurse

There are lots of duties involved in being a labor and delivery nurse. However, as long as you are knowledgeable about the job this career would be rewarding.

Thus, you should take time on improving your knowledge and skills to be efficient in this career.

The Nursing Degree

Obtaining a nursing degree is the first step of becoming a labor and delivery nurse. You need to attend continuing education in specialized field. This kind of specialization is a challenging career as delivering newborn babies is in your hands. Many hospitals are looking for skilled labor and delivery hospitals. This is because they are great help not only for mothers but also for doctors.

Just like any career path, the first thing that you should do to become a labor and delivery nurse is to enroll in a school that offers nursing degrees. In choosing school you should keep in mind that best paid nurses are those who graduated from reputable schools. After you have obtained your license as a nurse, you can pursue for a specialization in labor and delivery. Obviously, there are other requirements and tests required to obtain certifications. Make sure to enroll in the appropriate educational program. The good thing about this career path is that you can still have the chance to pursue the degree online. That is why you need not quit from your work just to pursue your plan.

Job Description

If you are interested of becoming a labor and delivery nurse you should understand the job description involved. Apparently, you will assist pregnant woman from the start of her labor towards the delivery. It is your responsibility to ensure the safety of both the mother and child by giving the necessary support and medical care to ensure healthy delivery. In case that the mother is required to stay in the hospital because of complications, the labor and delivery nurse will be the one to take care. Other duty of labor and delivery nurse is to educate and provide information to expectant mothers about childcare. In like manner, you cannot practice your profession unless you have the capability to provide neonatal resuscitation as well as other critical skills especially in emergency situation.
The good thing about labor and delivery nurse is that there is an opportunity for career advancement. Once you have mastered the job description you can advance your career of becoming an obstetrician as you can have the chance to obtain delivery room experience. Likewise, you can also develop your skills so that you can obtain certification as Certified Nurse Midwife. In addition, as you have spent most of the time in children you can choose to advance your career as Pediatrician. Indeed, the career opportunities for a labor and delivery nurse are surprisingly wide. All you have to do is to choose the right path to take.


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