How to Become a History Teacher

In choosing to be a history teacher requires proper decision. If you are enjoying history then it is a good idea to start teaching history.

However, you should decide first where you will teach history.

There are two options of teaching history. A history teacher can teach in high school or in college. However, before you can teach you should have teaching license that can be obtained after completing a bachelor’s degree program. That is why you should know all the requirements to become a history teacher.

Steps to Become a History Teacher

The first step towards becoming a history teacher is to look for accredited program. You should obtain bachelor’s degree from an accredited teaching program. Although some licensing boards in the United States are not requiring an applicant to complete a degree but it will help you in landing a job if you completed an accredited program. Likewise, the coursework in an accredited program is tailored to meet the licensure requirement of the state. In this way, you can easily obtain teaching license after graduation. The next step is to obtain dual degree in education and history. An applicant who has dual degree is more desirable as compared to applicant who has only history degree.

Moreover, you should also complete student teaching program or teaching practicum in order to receive licensure. After completion of the coursework required for the degree the student can start practicum teaching. Aspiring history teacher should expect to teach not only history but also social sciences. After graduation, the next step is to take and pass the licensure exam given by the state. The licensure examination differs on the option of teaching you wish. Applicant should bring documents that will serve as proof of completing the degree and other student teaching requirements. On the other hand, it is not enough just to obtain license because it is also important to pursue advancement and other certifications. This will ensure special benefits and opportunities for promotions.

Furthermore, you should also understand the difference of teaching history in high school and college. In this sense, upon enrolling for a degree program the student should decide the option to take. In this way, you can take the right track of coursework. Otherwise, you will find difficulty during the actual teaching. You should remember that the curriculum in high school history is different as compared to college history. That is why deciding the right option of teaching can help to become an effective history teacher. Keep in mind that you will teach the history of the world and you should ensure that you have the proper knowledge to perform it. That is why in order to become a good history teacher you should start your schooling in an accredited and reputable school.


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