How to Be a Licensed Electrician

The work of electricians is to maintain and install the infrastructure of circuitry and wiring that securely keeps the power continuously flowing in businesses and residences. They also work in different places to ensure that everyone will experience the benefits of electricity.

This article will help you figure out the things you need to do just to get your license as an electrician.

Being an electrician is a tough job. What matters most in this job is the application of your learning. In the succeeding paragraphs, you can have the chance to learn how to get your license.

Know How to Be a Licensed Electrician

You need to take courses in physics and mathematics in high school for you to get a high school diploma. That will pave the way for you to enter into vocational training program or apprenticeship. Another thing that can help you become a professional electrician is to shop classes in electronics and undergo blueprint reading as well.

Next, you have to enroll in a school offering electrician program for you to be legible for the electrician profession. Through this, you will have a step by step process of learning that will guide you all the way to having your license. The following are just some of the courses that you need to study: shop courses, mathematics, reading blueprints, safety and building and electrical theory.

Next, you have your apprenticeship program started. Two of the organizations that sponsor this are International Brotherhood of Electricians and the National Association of Contractors. Now what if you have already completed a vocational training program? Then you are required to study 2-4 years in the full apprenticeship program.

After completing the apprenticeship, that can be the most challenging step that you need to go through because you have to take your examinations for electric licensing. You also need to bear in mind that there is no such things as national standardized testing program and each state will manage its very own written test. Passing the examination is also required in the District of Columbia and all the other states as well.

In order for you to stay abreast with the constant change in technology, you have to take continuous special certification courses and education courses as well. To obtain additional knowledge, you can also try to maintain and install specialized systems just like fire control systems and elevators.

Next, you have to obtain a master electrician's license. Through this, you will be able to become more in demand in the industry. To be eligible for the examination to get the master electrician's license, you should have a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering or seven years of experience. Most of the states this is necessitated to be an independent subcontractor.

If you have successfully gotten a license, expect that you will earn a lot from your profession.

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    dear sir, i have passed diploma in electrical engineering in 2011.please tell me how can i get a trade license? & what should i do?


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