How to be a Cartoonist

If you want to become a cartoonist, you have to work hard for it. It would be best if you start building your portfolio.

You can also undergo trainings or special courses if you don’t know the basics yet.

Not everyone has the skills and creativity that cartoonists possess. If you are one of them, you should consider this career. Lots of people earn income through art like writing, music, dancing, and writing. To be a cartoonist is a great and unique option. You get to show others of your talent and you can also entertain them. At present, you can now find full time illustrators and cartoonists that earn a decent income.

Taking Courses

If you’re serious enough, you can take up special courses. This will allow you to learn some basics that you can use. You need to be aware that this requires a lot of labor and time. In fact, many cartoonists suffered from rejections before they were able to reach their peak of success.

Becoming a Professional

Here are the steps that you should follow if you want to become a professional cartoonist:

  • Work on your cartoon stuff and present it to a large audience who are willing to pay for your performance.
  • It would be best if you live in a reclusive, simple, and quiet small town. Create your own studio at home.
  • You need a fresh start in the morning and you can work all day if you want.

Getting Ideas

Ideas can be found everywhere. You simply need to be aware of the ‘funny’ things in the neighborhood and for every situation that you encounter. With a great sense of humor, you will be able to draw cartoons with ease. Most editors love cartoons that are unique and offbeat. Just try to be consistent with your work. As long as you provide funny gags, the drawings are not that important.

Did you know that if you’re annoyed, you can also get some great ideas there? Use your imagination to find something funny on the annoying situation that you’re facing. The character should be suited for the gag that you’re creating.

The Scenery

Most cartoonists don’t work much on the backgrounds. In fact, you can use your very own strategy. It is your decision to work out elaborate backgrounds or without anything at all! Always study the natural scenes and there you can get lots of ideas.

Cartoons are supposed to be light-hearted and it should make people feel better. Avoid negative thinking because it will not get you anywhere. If you find cartoons a lot of work, it’s really hard to work on new creations. Now that you have some ideas, you will know what to do in order to succeed.


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