How to Apply for a Non Profit Tax ID Number

How to apply for a non profit tax ID number is just very simple. This is especially true when you know some of the measures and stipulations required.

There are some tips as well as procedures which should be undertaken so that you can effectively secure one for your needs.

There are some people who are surely interested on how to apply for non profit tax ID number. In contrast with what others think, obtaining this for your needs is just very simple. There are some steps as well as requirements that you need to secure in order to successfully get one for your needs.

Securing Application

The very first thing that you need to do is to fill up the application needed. The application can be downloaded from the IRS website. Right after you have completed the application, you will already be provided with your EIN number. Expect that right after you are securing the application, you will be asked to provide a description of your legal structure. In addition to that, those non-profit organizations will be asked to choose additional types, government agencies and tax exempt.

Making Call to IRS Business & Specialty Tax Line

Once you are done in the signing of the application form, it is now the right time for you to connect with the IRS Business & Specialty Tax Line. There is a corresponding number that you need to call. It is best for you to make simple research regarding the number that you have to call to. Once you are successful in terms of connecting to the operator, he will provide you with information especially in terms of assigning the EIN. This is no needed in order to complete the entire processing.

Obtain SS-4 Form

After making a call to the IRS Business & Specialty Tax Line, it is now the time for you to pass the SS-4 form. This is the application which is needed in order to get IRS through fax. You can print the form present in the website of IRS or you can personally get the form from the office regulating such document. Keep in mind that the fax number will depend from the location where you are living. It is best for you to make proper research first concerning this matter.

Pass SS-4 Form

Once you already obtained the SS-4 form, it is now the time for you to submit it through the mail. Make sure that you properly completed the form with the right information that should be present in it. This is to ensure that your records will be accurate. You have to address the SS-4 form on the state where you are living. You have to wait for a couple of weeks before you will know if the processing is successful or not. If you followed the right procedures, the processing will be a success.


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