How much does it Cost to Setup a Company

Determining the cost of setting up your planned business company, will get you in the right track of financial matter.

This will also determine whether you can afford to finance it yourself or ask financial assistance to bank or other financial institutions.

It is very important to identify the startup cost of whatever type of business you chose to establish. There are many business expenses that are similar to most companies such as Internet access and office equipment. The internet-based businesses are the latest business ventures that are among the cheapest to establish because you don’t have to rent or buy a commercial location for your product or service offered. They are mostly affordable to startup because you don’t need to setup an office outside your comfort zone which is your home.

Office Equipment and Internet Business Venture

It can be costly to buy and lease office equipment especially if your business requires more than one computer. You will also need office supplies as well as telephone system for your business. Jus plan on spending a little less than $1000 on good computers, then $200 on telephone system, and less than $500 for office supplies. For office furniture, your startup cost can also be expensive. You will need good office furniture for your business since torn or damage furniture shows unsuccessful business thus customers will not trust to make business with you if your furniture is not good. For internet business venture, determining the startup cost of your chosen business is also a good idea. Write a checklist that includes supplies and equipment as well as creation of website and advertisement as well as marketing fee. You can expect to spend no more than $5000 for this venture.

Home-based Business and Consulting Business Venture

It is definitely very affordable to setup a home based business especially if your home has enough space for the operation of you business. You can just invest in the furnishing of your home office, creating a website, and also printing brochures and business cards. You can spend $500 for the website, $100 for the brochures and $50 for the business cards. On the consulting business venture, you are generally not required to buy expensive office equipment but you will need an office. You can share an office with another consultant operating outside their home to cut off your office expenses. You just need your own computer, internet access, office supplies and furniture. You may spend up to $1000 for this type of business.

Promotion and Marketing

Promotion and Marketing a business can really be costly. If you will hire a graphic artists as well as advertising consultant to do the theme and concept for you, you can expect to pay the up to $100 per hour for their service.


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