How Much Does a Title Search Cost

If you want to invest on a real estate property, it is wise that you look around for the best deal. Don’t buy a product without first checking if it has a clean title. Title searches are conducted by title companies and they will ask payment at closing.

Look into this aspect before making the final decision.

Once you have decided to invest on a particular property, it is vital that a title search is conducted. This is usually performed by the title companies and it comes with a fee. In some states, the search fees are regulated but if you live in a place where the companies are free to charge customers, you may need to shop around for the best deal. You will not pay the fee upfront but the company will ask for the payment at closing. This is a very important aspect when buying a property.

The Cost of Title Searches

If you’re wondering how much the title search is going to cost, it can range from $75 - $100 depending on your location. The title search is a very important aspect. Not all titles are clean and there are times when certain issues or problems are attached to it. A very good example is a property having a tax lien and lawsuit against it. If the property has problems, you have to make sure that the previous owner resolves them before you make the purchase. When problems are not addressed, you can look for another property where you can invest.

To protect yourself from potential problems that are hidden, you must secure title insurance. This is also going to be paid at closing. So, aside from the search fees, you will also pay for insurance. This may involve a substantial amount so you must prepare for the expenses. Since you will not only be paying for the search fees, you have to shop around. Oftentimes, the title insurance may vary from company to company. Shop and compare the policies to ensure that you’re getting the best deal in the market. Conducting the search on your own may not yield the best results because you have limited connections.

Most of the title companies have their own network of connections. This makes it possible for them to gather data quickly. These companies are familiar with the ins and outs of the industry and by paying a reasonable fee you can take advantage of their services. In a state where the search fees are not regulated, some companies may charge too high on the title search. Because of this, you must become a wise customer and look around for a company that offers a smaller search fee. It’s up to you to find a lower search cost. Use the internet and if possible, you can ask the title company upfront about the fees.

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