Executive Titles in Business

Are you wondering of the significance of having executive titles in business? If you’re having a hard time of what particular executive title you will write on your business card and how it will affect your business then we will explain to you how to use executive titles in business properly.

Many are wondering regarding the importance of executive titles in business.

As an ordinary person, we usually see titles in business cards and business flyers but we don’t know the meaning of those initials and its corresponding function for the company it represents. We often overlook these titles once we received business cards from businessmen.

Basically, the main purpose of the executive titles in businesses is that it serves as a means of identifying the function of the person in certain company or organization. For example, as soon as you hear or read titles such as President and CEO then it will comes to your mind that they are the owner of the business. Or if the title in the card shows words like “manager”, “officer”, supervisor, assistants, and so on; then it will give you an impression of what particular assistance you will receive from those persons. The only thing that concerns most about the title if they were used “properly” and “accordingly” to their position and function in the business. For some reasons, if you are an owner of a certain business you probably will give titles to your employees just to boost their esteems towards their work.

How to Use Executive Titles Properly?

Actually, giving executive titles is not as complicated as we usually think. Even you own a sole proprietorship type of business you can give a nice executive title for yourself such as “Manager” or “Chief Proprietor”. Even between partnership or LLC type of businesses the use of executive titles should be given of high importance. This will avoid insecurities within the members that will affect in the flow of business. On the other hand, executive titles have variations in some big companies and corporations. In a corporation, the executive titles really make sense since it will denote corresponding responsibility. For example, the Chief Executive Officer or CEO is also the chairman of the board. Don’t be confused between a Chairman or CEO since they are just the same.

In making business cards, the executive title has a great impact on the reliability of the business. Since business cards are considered as effective marketing and networking tool, the proper use of the executive title will leave a good impression to the clients. Be careful in providing titles in the card to avoid confusion on the reader. Be specific and always include the right details that the reader should know about you. Keep in mind that executive titles will add a good impression to your business so use it properly and accordingly.


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