Establishing a Lasting Relationship with Your Insurance Provider

A business insurance blossoms best when it uses the right working process. Look at your own business and try to see how you can mold it accordingly to usher in your relationship with your business insurance provider.

As you finalize your business insurance, this does not mean that you can just sit back and relax all throughout.

You need to keep track of it and make sure that you are paying just right for the insurance policy you have. It also gets more critical when you experience issues that would need the guidance of a business insurance policy.

To keep it from being an added burden for you, one thing you should do is to keep in touch with your business insurer. You need to foster a good working relationship with him so that your work flow can turn out smoothly. Also, you have to look at your existing business insurance process and see if your business' system ushers in better accommodations for any insurance issues. Here are some of the ways you can fix your working relationship with your insurance provider:

  • Assign someone whose sole job is to focus on insurance policies. – It's hard to multitask alongside a responsibility such as insurance claims. Business insurance is very broad and sometimes too complex if you don't particularly specialize on it. . It would be nice if you can hire someone with an insurance background to get in touch with your insurance provider from time to time.
  • Ask for a point person from your insurance provider's end. – As you formulate a definite person or even a single department that accommodates business insurance concerns, you can also ask your insurance provider for an account executive who will handle your account. This way, all transactions can be made smoother because there are two defined point persons from both ends.
  • Document all transactions and exchanges. – Even if you are simply requesting or inquiring about your current insurance coverage, make sure that you keep a papered document of the exchange. If you have talked to the person verbally through phone or during a meeting it is advisable to have some sort of minutes of the meeting you can type and send to concerned parties through email. This is very important so that in the event that a particular problem should rise up, there are these documented exchanges to look back and refer to.
  • Increase business rapport with your insurance provider. – As they say, there is a fine line that separates work from play. But this does not mean that you cannot try to at least establish a friendly working relationship with your insurance provider. When you have something to discuss with them, it's good to do so in a face to face meeting so you can know each other better.


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