Making the Right Decision with Insurance Professionals

Insurance agents and brokers both help you make the right insurance decision for your business. But before you zero in on one, make sure that you have clearly evaluated your options first.

If you want to ensure that your business gets the right type of insurance, getting the help of an insurance agent or a broker is important.

If you are not that adept in the world of insurance, these professionals will offer you their expertise so you can fully assess what your business really needs to protect itself from unprecedented events. But since these people will be the ones influencing a crucial business decision, you need to be more careful when you choose them.

First of all, you should know that an insurance agent differs from an insurance broker. The insurance agent is directly connected to just one insurance company. This person can definitely give you the lowdown on various policy plans but all from one company only. On the other hand, an insurance broker can offer you with different insurance options from varying companies. Soon as you establish this, here are the other important factors you need to consider.

  • Extra Budget – Both professionals have their own fees. Usually, insurance agents offer their services for free since the insurance company is the one who pays for their salaries. Meanwhile, an insurance broker may ask for slightly higher fees directly from you. So better check the local rates for insurance brokers and evaluate if you can get them within your set budget.
  • Know Whom You Really Need – Is an insurance broker your best bet or can you already do with an agent? This is usually dependent on your company's size. If you have a big enterprise then a broker might suit you more because he can also give you a business plan proposal well suited for your needed insurance. On the other hand, having a small business with few employees can already make you safe to have an insurance agent to help you out.
  • Shortlist Potential Candidates – Think of it as if you are hiring an employee. If possible, sit down with them and interview as much as you can so you can have an idea of the ones whom you are most comfortable with. While doing this, make sure you ask for their portfolio and other pertinent credentials which can help you decide better whether you are or you are not going to get their services. You should also ask for insurance quotes from them and compare these against each other. In this way you can easily spot the differences between these professionals and decide whose services stand out the most.


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