Disabled Veterans Business Loans

The government supplies various loans and grant benefits for disabled veterans that are interested in starting their own business.

There are several cases wherein a disabled veteran shows interest in starting his or her own business as a step to financial freedom.

With this he may not always have the necessary funds on hand necessary to start the business. Luckily the federal and state government has loan-interest programs which will help with the initial financing required to start. There are currently 13 disabled veteran’s government and federal grants and loans available to suit the disabled veteran’s needs, a number of which will aid in financing for a small business.

There are business opportunities open in the federal and private marketplace and so many options to choose from. Aside from government agencies that provide aid and assistance to disabled veterans there also exists some private institutions that will also have similar options and programs available. If you are interested in acquiring a business loan as a disabled veteran, it is essential that you first visit your local government to get a list of the available grants, loans and programs that may be open for you. After which it is also wise to visit lending firms and financial institutions in your vicinity to get the lowdown on what they supply as well for disabled veterans. Having an open list of several options will make it easier for you to decide on which type of program; loan or grant is best for you and meets to the majority of your terms and needs.

One such loan is the Employ Illinois-Military Reserve loan; this loan provides low interest in the hiring of employees for the business and in the capital developments that may be necessary in an existing small business of a disabled veteran. Another loan available is the Patriot Express Pilot Loan Initiative which is available for veterans who want to start their own business or expand on their existing ones through financial aid and assistance. The Military Reservist Economic Injury disaster loan helps with unmet operating, maintenance and other business expenses due to active service or duty of the veteran owner at the time. Lastly the Wisconsin Dept of Veteran Affairs – Personal Loan program gives veterans the options to start their own small business provided that they meet with the requirements of the program and follow certain guidelines.

Aside from the given disabled veterans programs there are also others that offer guidance and counseling as well. This will help the disabled veteran work through with the management and ownership of his or her own business. This program is called the Service Disabled veteran Owner Small Businesses: Contracting Guidance. There are also programs that help in the hiring of employees and those that help the veteran understand the employer obligations to the business and employees, employee eligibility, benefits, and job entitlements.

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  • Joshua Ellison said on October 11, 2014
    Current looking into starting my own personal business and curios to what kind of grants I can get to start this dream to be my own boss of a growing business.


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