Cost of Advertising in Business Magazines

How much do we need to spend in order to advertise in business magazines? And is it the ultimate way to spread word about your business?

Here is an article that would shed light on your questions about one of the ways to make your business get noticed by our customers.

Advertising Dilemma

In our modern fast-paced society, one of the major problems of businessmen is to make their target markets notice and what better way to do it but by advertising in business magazines. Why magazines, you might say? There are still customers, who want to sit down, relax, read a magazine. That is what advertisers like you who should take advantage of. Enter the world of magazine readers and put your message across. This is one place where you can break through the technology barrier, the time when the customer will relax, leaf through a magazine and see your advertisement. There were studies that say that most consumers expect and sometimes even enjoy the ads, depending on how they are presented. Most of the readers really take action on the ads that they see because magazines have a way of targeting specific markets proficiently. The business magazine advertisement offers a little better chance of catching a reader’s notice, however they typically are more expensive, but it is the best way to build up the image and reliability of your company. Business magazines are valuable to reaching your target market.

Getting Started

So how do we get started with advertising in business magazines? Here are some guides: First: start small. It’s not important for your add to be running full page ads from the start. It’s too expensive. It would be advisable to run ads about ¼ or 1/3 of the page in size. They might get a better chance to be noticed because being smaller they will definitely be sharing their space with magazine content. The frequency of the ads being run need not be every month, you can start by doing it every other month thereby cutting your costs. According to some sources, set up costs can cost anywhere from $1,500 – $20,000 while running a full page ad could cost from $3,000 – $25,000.

Second, keep your add simple. Don’t put all your company information in one advertisement. Chances are nobody would waste time to read all that. Commonly readers do not spend too much time reading ads so just keep it simple and deliver a single message.

Third, do not get involved with an ad agency just yet. You are starting small and you definitely do not want to spend a lot on marketing costs. Though you can be sure that the ad agencies would do a great job, still you can try and get good results by doing it yourself.

Fourth, get help from a good graphic designer. Hire a freelancer to do the job for you. But you have to carefully choose the person to work with, make sure that you have seen their previous projects and before you hire them make sure that that you can have a say in the designs.

Lastly, create an exciting advertisement. Brainstorm and take your time to come up with the perfect add for you. You can have inputs coming from your co-workers or employees, that way your ad space payment would not be wasted.


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