Can One Do Online Business in H1B Visa

H-1B Visa can be given to all foreign workers who would like to temporarily work in United States for employers in that country. But, you may in-wonder if they can also open an online business even if they are not yet green holder, instead an H-1B one.

Before it can be answered, it is also important to know how a person can obtain H-1B visa. The very first thing that they need to do is to work for their U.S employee who did the filing of H-1B visa.

Another question that may come in your way is the idea of the foreign worker to quit or even dismiss from sponsoring an employer. Well, the workers have 3 choices to consider:

  • Apply for change in status to non-immigrant status
  • Find for another work in the field of industry as quick as possible
  • Leave the country

Before you choose, you need to bear in mind that all these options are not negotiable. You also need to consider the basic rule when it comes to being a H-1B visa holder is the idea of remaining to be employed thru your sponsoring employer. It simply means that you need to become a passive shareholder. And this will not restrict you from making your own business, either online or offline. But, you are not allowed to work in a company or business that you have created.

The basic rule can be straightforward but there are also several varying as well as complex situations that you may take into consideration. If the foreign worker who is an H-1B Visa holder decides to begin his or her online business, he or she can do it. The worker may build LLC to invest for a certain business in order to start running the business. BUT, he or she is not allowed to work for his or her own online business.

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Being the passive shareholder in an online business, foreign workers having H-1B Visa has the capacity of sharing profits even without the need of working in the created online business. Foreign workers can essentially become investors in such kind of business that they have created. Whatever losses and even profits that their business obtained will highly be given to the foreign worker every end of the year. You need to bear in mind that you will not receive any monthly salary for that.

New foreign workers in United States will definitely enjoy many different opportunities intended for them such as opening an online business. Thus, they must give importance to some important rules recording H-1B Visa before they will engage in big decisions that might affect their quality of stay in this country. It is also recommended to consult the Tax Consultant as well as Immigration Attorney assigned in your country. They will surely be of great help in your plan to invest and start an online business regardless if you are H-1B Visa holder.

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