Business Thank You Notes to Customers

Sending a business thank-you letter to customers is a way of giving your whole-hearted appreciation. This type of business letter show that you have given importance to the client and this result to the improvement of customer restrain.

Business thank-you notes is one of the strategies that help your company to gain more customers. Here are some tips on how to write a business thank-you note letter.

The use of business thank you notes to customers has been neglected by most companies. One effective way in order to get better the customer retention and the effective vocal advertising is through taking the effort and time to write thank-you letters to the customers. Although writing a thank-you letter to the customer can be a time consuming process, it is a very ideal to show your appreciation and to be appreciated by the clients. Preferably, the owner of starting business must be the one who need to write and send a thank-you letter in whole appreciation and sincerity is completely associated with the business. However, writing a thank-you letter is not just like a simple friendly letter. You need to think it about some important things to produce effective thank-you letter to the clients.

Choose the Right Format

Select the right format for the thank-you letter. Since you are using it for your business, it should be written in formal way. Of course, you need to search for business letter format and style. There are various information about business letters on internet, so it won’t difficult for you to find the formal style for the letter. Business letters today are usually printed, but you can show your sincerity and effort if the thank-you letter is personalized and hand written. You should also include a small-thank you card which can be bought in bulk.

Avoid Using Sale Tone

Don’t use the sale tone in the note. Although your customer has already ordered or bought a product from you, you should still avoid more sale tone in the note. This could possibly bring a bad impression from the customer. He or she might think feel that you are forcing him or her to buy another product from your company. This is an annoyance for most customers. So, you have stick to your intention by appreciating the customer about his or her loyalty and nothing else.

Make the Card Special

First impression is very important. In order to feel your appreciation from the card, you have to personalize it. You should begin with the client’s name and then put the date when she or he was in your company. For example, “Dear James, we are glad you have visited our company.” This allows the clients to be ware that he or she is not just unknown person while walking through your door.

Express Your Appreciation to the Client

Make sure you show your sincerity through the use of art of words. Thank the customer with your all heart for his or her purchase and allow him or her to know what you appreciated about. If possible, insert tag lines like ”we are hoping to see you again”. This is a tactic to let them feel their importance as a part of your company. Then, send the letter with an actual stamp.


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