Business Leadership: Gaining Credibility and Respect

To become successful in this highly competitive market, entrepreneurs should know the most important aspect in business leadership - gaining credibility and respect. By becoming credible and well-respected, it would be easier for them to manage their business and supervise their subordinates.

Meanwhile, these characteristics should be complemented by other skills that will help entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

To manage a business enterprise, entrepreneurs should know all the right characteristics of a great leader that will help them manage their business, supervise their subordinates, and gain respect and credibility.

According to business consultants, gaining influence and power is one of the most important aspects in managing a profit-oriented organization. To achieve this, experts advise people to follow this five-step procedure:

Set a short-term and long-term goal

By having goals, business leaders will be able to set their priorities, make a concrete plan to achieve their objective, prepare for alternative methods, and visualize the future to make them well-equipped in any unexpected things in handling a business organization.

With concrete goals, people will also know the possible methods that will help them expand their business in this highly competitive market.


To become a great business leader, a person should develop his introspective skills that will help him prepare for the unexpected things, address his deficiency, and predict the future.

While introspective may be helpful, some experts warn people not to wallow in their own weaknesses but rather focus on improving themselves. For example, a person who has a hard time supervising his subordinates should think all the valid reasons why he is not effective in managing other people.

Although this process may not be easy, as it is sometimes painful to accept one’s weakness, doing this is the first step in improving one’s capability to manage a business.

Recognize the strengths and use these to influence others

While it is important for business leaders to recognize their own lacking and weaknesses, they should also identify their strengths that will be useful in influencing others.

For example, there are some people who are eloquent speakers who know how to use the right words to convince their business partners, subordinates, and clients. By recognizing their strengths, entrepreneurs can utilize these to their own advantage.

Use the influencing tactics

In business, dealing with people from all walks of life is the most important skill any entrepreneur should know. As the cliché goes, “Businessmen need to build connection to expand their horizon and should avoid burning bridges to achieve their goals.”


There is no room for a passive entrepreneur in this highly competitive industry in which the assertive ones always find something that will give them advantage over the others. However, assertiveness should not be too extreme that they end up pushing others and blowing their chances to achieve their goals.


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