Business Development Duties

Do you want to learn the business development duties so you can properly perform your responsibilities as a business development manager?

Every business needs a business development manager that will handle the enhancement of product sales and in building a good relationship with the customers; therefore you will need to find out the duties in business development.

What is the essence of establishing a business if there’s no one that will handle the goals and strategies of the business towards its success? This is the main concern of all business development managers along with the list of duties entailed to the position. In bigger corporations and companies, aside from the board of directors and the Chief Executive Officer, there’s a reserve seat for the position that will handle the business development area. This area can be independent or part of a department and the position can be addressed as an officer, executive, or manager; but whatever title it is the most important thing is the capability of the person to manage the business development program of the business and he or she knows well the entailed duties of the said position. If you’re aiming for this title then we will cite to you the list of duties in business development that concerns most on the sales and marketing strategy of a business.

List of Duties in Business Development

The role of a business development manager is vital for the generation of sales and marketing agenda of a certain business. The position requires a lot of experience in terms of product knowledge and marketing concepts; therefore to become a qualifier for the title the aspirant should possess a strong sales and marketing background and years of experience in the field. Let’s discuss some of the important duties of a business development manager for better understanding about this position.

One of the major duties of a business development manager is gathering of data about the market, its target audience, and its competitor. These factors are essential in developing leads for possible sales and marketing strategies and to outline the product policies based on the goals arranged by the company’s head. If the company requires achieving sales goal or quota, the duty of the business development manager is to enforce the policy to the sales team and keep track of it ensuring that the quota will be met in a timely manner. He or she must also conduct a frequent follow-up on the sales activity of the business and should engage in fixing sales issues for immediate solution that might affect the generation of sales for the quota.

Another important duty of a business development manager is the performance monitoring of every member of the sales and customer service department of the company to make sure that all of them are doing their assigned tasks accordingly. One more additional role for the business development manager is his involvement on product campaigns and propositions.

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