Becoming a Pharmacist

What are the benefits of becoming a pharmacist? Well, there are really a lot of them! Read on and find out some of those advantages.

One mistaken idea that many people still have these days is that the job of a pharmacist is only to count tablets and hand out medicines to buyers. Of course, that is not the case.

Becoming a pharmacist can take many years before you can be allowed to start practicing it and be officially part of the field.

In addition, there are many reasons why you might want to consider becoming a pharmacist too. Yes, there are really a lot of students enrolling for this course nowadays because of the idea that this particular field offers a lot of benefits such as the following:

First and foremost, becoming a pharmacist allows you to have a flexible working schedule. If you are someone who loves taking control of your own time, then this is definitely a good career option for you. As a pharmacist, it’s up for you to choose what time you would want to work because there are different schedules depending on where you will be working. For example, there are drug retail stores that have the routine 8-hour schedules, but that’s just one option. Other than that, you may also consider being employed by other companies that allow you to have 7 working days for at least 12 hours per shift. When you choose this one, you’d have the option of either resting the next 7 days or continue accepting more work from others.

Now that’s another benefit that you are entitled as you become a pharmacist. This career can make you earn somewhere around $75,000 up to $150,000 in just a year’s time. That’s definitely a huge amount especially if you’d take the fact that a pharmacist does not have to train in long periods of time like doctors do.

Moreover, you are also guaranteed of always having a job because pharmacists are heavily in-demand across the entire country until now. This is truly a lucrative and stable job you are having so you shouldn’t hesitate a bit about it.
So what are the steps of becoming a pharmacist? Follow these surefire tips and you’ll surely be on your way to achieve your goal soon.

To begin with, you should do well in high school and get at least 3.5 as your minimum score for your GPA. Passing your SAT is another requirement before you’ll be allowed to enroll at a college that offers the course. Most of the time, there are two-year preparatory courses that you should first finish before you can go for the complete pharmacy program.

For the actual course, it might take you at least 3 or 4 years, depending on what school you go to and what programs they offer you. But right after finishing that, you should also work on your certification so that you can legally start applying for jobs in the field. Requirements do differ from one state to the other but once you obtain your certificate, it is a must for you to renew it every two years.


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