Becoming a Licensed Architect

To make our lives productive, we need places to dwell in where we can live, work, worship, and govern. Structures like houses, churches, schools, and entertainment buildings need to be established for certain purposes.

Architects who are trained and licensed are indeed required to plan and design these buildings to make sure the stability, adherence to codes, quality and to achieve the requirements and needs of every individual using them.

An Architect’s Task

Being an architect can be a difficult profession. They are the ones who are responsible for making plans and designs as well as supervising the building process of the structures. They draw concepts for establishing and next is planning and illustrating the concepts. They create a systematic design of general frames and looks of structures. Apart from this job, they also ensure that their building process should be economical, safe, functional, and appropriate to the purpose of the structure. Certified architects are usually involved in all important stages of constructing a project from the first meeting with the client to the opening day. They attend various tasks which promotes collaborating with clients and builders, managing, engineering, and designing. Architects build up construction systematic plans using some training centres that provide advance technology teaching. If you want to become a licensed architect, here is the advice that you can follow to reach the profession you dream of.


Think ten times and decide if you really want to become an architect. Remember that no profession starts in an easy way. And being an architect is one of these, which is obviously a hard career to pursue, considering at least five years of college and the capability to deal with the acceptance of repeated failures. Like lawyers and teachers, architects also deal with much pressure from competitions, deadlines and other challenges of upcoming projects. But, if being an architect is really your passion, then, to be a licensed one is possible.


Find schools that can impart you effective learning. Taking classes in local or national schools is one best step to be an architect. There are various schools offering architectural trainings in many places. However, if you want to choose the right one, ensure that they are certified. You may start attending classes such as “Freehand Drawing” and “3D Cad” schools. These will give you an idea of how design is constructed in a basic way. Also, with basic architectural learning, you may find that you can use these credits as you decide to enrol in college, more especially if you really want to get an architectural course.


Obtain an internship. If you really want to be an architect as you have completed your schooling, you will need to work for an architectural firm. As you work with them, you earn some money and at the same time, you will productively spend your internship hours. This will give you a professionally well-rounded experience in the field you have chosen.

You have to test your knowledge by taking an examination. This will measure your ability if you are ready to face the real world of architecture. As you pass the exam, you may immediately get your license and get the opportunity.


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    dear sir, please tell me process of create license for taking tender i have graduate in ELECTRICAL ENGG. Thanks & regards, Pawan singh, mobno;08010212681
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    Dear sir/mam, Please tell me process of create license for taking tender and working In the field .i AM complete civil engineering. But I want to open an architect office . Please help me
  • Lloyd said on October 18, 2017
    So many lazy people are being deceived by Quack Architects and Contractors. They think studying CAD in Facebook and YouTube Universities will lead them to a professional career in Architecture. ROFL!


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