Becoming a Film Critic

There is a different sense of satisfaction that you can feel when you love your job. Enjoying your job will end up with you being more productive with the work that you have. Becoming a film critic is surely one of the best jobs that you can get now.

Discover the secrets on how to be a critic of movies.

Are you fond of watching and talking about movies? What will you feel if someone tells you that you can do this for real fun and get some compensation in return? You read that right, you can now be the most successful film critic if you only know how to become one. Here are the secret steps on becoming a film critic.

Film Critic’s Role

The critics of movie analyze as well as evaluate movies with the intention of giving the potential movie viewers additional input regarding the film so that they can be guided in the selection. The work will include:

  • Attending screenings of films and giving commentary
  • Watching screeners of films, most of which are newly released, reissues or special editions
  • Providing reviews of the movies depending on their screeners.

Acquire Experience

Because becoming a film critic will not require you to have a formal training, aspiring critics must educate themselves through:

  • Learning about films which will include reading all the film industry’s aspects and the process of making films. You can also attend workshops and classes that address subjects related to the industry.
  • Watch as many films as possible, both in the theater and DVDs.
  • Learn how reviews should be written and this will also mean that you should read more of these film reviews as you can.

Select Your Medium

There are actually three primary mediums from which you can choose in order for you to reveal how talented you are as a critic of films.

  • Print media: movie reviews in magazines and newspapers
  • Television: shows that feature film critics that are well-known
  • Internet: This is the primary place where an aspiring film critic can start his career. There are a lot of websites which devotes themselves to film reviews alone while there are also some that just have special sections dedicated to the film reviews. Meanwhile, some sites collect movie reviews from other sources online. They usually list some of the online reviews that were also featured in other kinds of print media.

Start Your Reviews

When you are already aware of all these things, this will be the best time to stop your procrastination and proceed with writing. Look for the websites that also look for the movie writers although they will not pay you. Many of the film reviewers that dominate the web started out by simply submitting their reviews without expecting any monetary gain but eventually, they start receiving money as they also increase in terms of experience and they also have more and more places where their outputs are constantly approved and published.

If you find enjoyment with studying and watching movies and you also have that writing prowess, why not try using your skills to become one film critic? You will not just get some payment for watching movies that you like, for you will, at the same time, see them all free of charge and more before they are actually released.


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