Becoming a Career Counselor

Career counselors play vital role in the molding of the soon to be career of most students. There are a lot of tasks that you have to perform if you want this profession.

If you are interested of this field, you have to know some of the tips on becoming a career counselor.

There are lot things that you have to consider when you are a career counselor. In addition to that, you have to undergo first some stipulations in order to fully become one. Furthermore, becoming a career counselor will incur some prerequisites.

Inquire and Choose Master’s Degree in Counseling

First, you have to consult in the career counselor of your school to which courses you have to take in order to become a career counselor. To give you an idea, there is now specific college degree in college counseling. Mostly, those in this profession underwent first an undergraduate psychology degree. You can also visit the sites for graduate school programs which will tell you some of the master's degree related to counseling program. One nice tip for you is to select a university that is accredited by the CACREP or the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs.

On the Field Practice

In entering a master’s degree related to career counselor, students are required to engage in clinical experience that is being supervised by accredited supervisor. This is a nice way in order for you to practice the skills as well as information that you have earned once you are already inside the classroom. Take also this opportunity to gather some first-hand information from the concerned professionals that are affiliating in the institution where you are training. On the other hand, be realistic enough when you are giving counseling advises to the student that seeks for your help.

Be Certain with the Requirements

Just by the time that you have decided to apply for a career counselor position in some schools or universities, be aware that you need the certification from the school where you are affiliated. On the other hand, you can go to the office of the employment service of the state where you belong. Inquiring from this institution will make you aware of the other requirements when you are applying for work. This is to make you prepared of the needed requirements. Examples of these are:

  • Master’s Diploma
  • Certificate in Teaching
  • Other School Documents

Consider Specialization

There are some who are considering working for a specialization in career counseling. This is a very powerful requirement especially when you are planning to work in private institutions. In obtaining this, you have to be aware that there are other documents that will be asked from you. The information regarding this will be learned when you navigate the site of National Board for Certified Counselors. When you already gained information about this, you can start accomplishing the necessary requirements. Early accomplishment of the required papers will let you avoid cramming.


  • VICTOR JOHN said on May 22, 2013
    I'm post graduate in social work.(MSW), I did career counseling in educational fairs. I wish to establish a career counseling center. I am from Trivandrum, kerala, India.
  • nirmali said on December 12, 2013
    presently I am working as office manager in a educational institution, I am having experience as a career counselor for 2 years. I wish to establish a career counseling center. pls suggest


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