How to Start a Handbag Business

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Are you into fashion designing and would like to break into the industry with a handbag business? You can come up with a line of designs that you can have made and distributed wholesale. Or, you can find a manufacturer that sells wholesale and carry its line of products in your boutique.

If you are looking for ideas to start a handbag business, you can go into manufacturing, or retailing.

handbag business

But before you get carried away by the excitement of the prospect of owning a business in line with fashion and designing, slow down and think like a businessman rather than an artist. Ask yourself this question: is there a demand for the product you will sell?

Demand is important for the success of any business. You might be heading into a market that is oversaturated with handbag manufacturers and retailers. So before investing time and money into designing, getting samples made, as yourself whether there is a general demand for your product or whether there is a particular niche you can serve. Ask yourself what novel idea you can introduce into the industry. Is there a specific product you can sell, perhaps handmade items.

Starting a Handbag Manufacturing Business

To manufacture handbags you’d need to come up with designs of the articles you want to make and have them made. If you have knowledge about fashion designing either by taking a short course or a college degree or by working in a fashion house, you can make the design yourself. If not, you can hire someone with such knowledge. After you have the design, you can sew an actual product yourself (perhaps if you intend to produce handmade ones), have an entire manufacturing staff do it (mass manufacturing), or you can outsource the work to a bag manufacturer. Afterwards, you will face the task of marketing and distributing your line of products to stores and boutiques.

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Starting a Handbag Retailing Business

If you simply want to put up a store selling handbags, your most major task is finding a wholesaler from which you can get supplies at prices you can sell for profit. Then you have to think about how to set up your shop. That depends on what kind of business you want to run. You’d need to fit your store to the kind of clientele you want to serve. If you will be selling high-end items, then you will set up a boutique-style shop in a posh area.

Handbag Business Online

Either way, consider the idea of getting an online presence. Ask a web developer to do the task for you. If aside from being a fashion designer, you are also a photographer, you can take pictures of the handbags, label them and post them on your site. Otherwise, ask or hire someone. Getting word about your business through the Internet is the best way to reach a wider market locally and abroad.

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  • 1. V said on May 31, 2009
    hi thank you for the above advice. I am interested to have a business in manufacturing laptop bags. But I don't know how I can text the demand for my idea of a laptop bag. Any idea how I can best do it? Should I get it manufactured first?? TY.
  • 2. Tracy said on June 18, 2009
    Hi, i have designed a bag, which i want some one to make for me but have no idea where to start, i would like a sample made, then of course if i like how it turns out i will want to order more to sell in my partners shoe and handbag shop, have you got any ideas on how to find some one. many thanks tracy
  • 3. Tytus said on September 13, 2009
    dear Tracey, I can produce your designed bag for you, either leather or PVC. please do drop me an email at Regards, Tytus
  • 4. Laticia said on October 22, 2009
    Hey Tytus! where are you based? do you by any chance produce for people in South Africa.
  • 5. Pamela said on November 3, 2009
    Hello Tytus, I too have a line of bags that I would like to have produced. How can I get more information about what you do?
  • 6. toni anders said on January 14, 2010
    I am a small startup handbag company, and I need someone to make some patterns ans samples for some new ideas I have..Thanks, Toni
  • 7. Ana said on January 17, 2010
    Hello Toni, I have experience designing and constructing handbags. I can certainly help you with your samples and patterns. Here is my e-mail address Thanks, Ana
  • 8. o.p said on January 21, 2010
    hi, im really interested in starting a purse and handbag design business, i have got ideas in my head but i'm not very good in drawing. How do i get these ideas on paper? Thanks O.p, Lagos, Nigeria
  • 9. Ade Omoloja said on February 10, 2010
    Hi Ana, Are you based in the UK? Thanks, Ade
  • 10. asit kumar raha said on March 2, 2010
    Hi! I am planning to start a small hand bag business. I have acquired a knowledge of making products with every kind designing work but still studying the market. actually i want to cater local market first. so just suggest me if possible. kolkata, West Bengal,India
  • 11. HERB said on March 10, 2010
    I manufacture the best in handmade glove leather Italian feel pure luxurious leather handbags designer inspired and can make your bag any design you want. guaranteed quality. Can help you with marketing as well is needed. Minimum order please after we discuss potential, HEC,, 505 459-1641
  • 12. Ginny Rimay said on March 26, 2010
    I have a design for a fabric handbag that I have made at home. I am looking for a company to buy my idea. Is there any such thing? I don't want to do the marketing after they are mad. Any info that you can give me would be appreciated.
  • 13. SHAKILA BROOKS said on March 28, 2010
    hello i have a workroom and would love to help anyone out who is need of samples and other help. i can also produce the product for you in production. from united states, monroe. georgia
  • 14. jag said on April 8, 2010
    i'm launching a handbag label this month. and i have to say, it's been overwhelming. I have a degree in design and I figured I know the ends and outs of design....this should be right up my alley.

    Not at all. First I want to say, do your homework if you plan on having the bags manufactured overseas. Be prepare to get involved in the business end of things. Once I finished the designs, I had them manufactured in china. Thinking this would be a piece cake. Not at all.

    This is where it all begins. You have to be on top of things. You may have to send the samples back at least 3 to 4 times. This means shipping cost. After you get your samples ready for mass production. You need to finalized on other things like, hangtags, zipperpulls, inside interior lining, moles for your logo, charms and zipper pull. Countless hours online speaking with project managers who oversee the project at all hours of the night.

    Then you have to organized the photoshoot to have your backs shot. If you want a model, you have to look for one. Pick out a photographer, pick out a make up artist and style the entire shoot for your vision. Don't forget you need backing to do all of this.

    Once the shoot is done. You will need a web designer to prepare your website. Do your own line sheets, look books and ordering forms to show to potential buyers. I also started a spreadsheet with editors, buyers, industry contact information to send out press kit to. Email as much people as possible to get the word out. I'm definitely no expert, but being in this new phase of my life...i think it's only human to pass it along to someone who plans on pursuing this. I just wished I had someone who could have told me what to look forward to.

    I started my project last may and were launching next month. And I have to say, be prepared to have lots of mood swings. But remembered to see the big picture. It's exciting!
  • 15. Cindy said on April 29, 2010
    I would like to get in touch with Shakila Brooks. I am also in Georgia and would like to have handbag samples made. thanks.
  • 16. Phoebe Mok said on May 8, 2010
    Hello everyone! I'm looking for someone who can do small quantities in leather and PVC handbags. I'm located in Sydney but happy to deal with people in Bali, HK or China. Please email me if you can recommend or know anyone who has experience with a factory/manufacturer who does beautiful things. Much appreciated! email address:
  • 17. Collette said on May 18, 2010
    Hello Everyone, I have a great idea to design laptop bags. I'm very creative but I'm not a good drawer. I really need help getting my idea onto paper. If anyone knows of a designer or if you are one yourself I would love to speak to you. My email address is And I'm located in Florida, USA! I look forward to hearing from you.
  • 18. Mariela said on May 18, 2010
    Hi I am from Champaign Illinois, I am trying to sell my handbags made by hand they have unique style, they are beautiful I have a store online but I want someone buy all them . Do you have any idea how can a do it? Please help this is my work I want to be successful. Thanks
  • 19. Ann said on May 18, 2010
    Hello, I am trying to start my handbag business. These bags are made by me, what suggested percentage markup should i place onto my bags. I look forward to hearing from you soon
  • 20. Toya said on May 19, 2010
    Hello, I have a vintage clothing boutique in Pentagon Row call The Closet which is in Arlington, VA and I am thinking of branching into one of a kind vintage handbag remakes "so to speak". I'm a bit nervous because, just because they like my remixed vintage clothes doesn't mean they will like my handbags. Not to mention is there a demand for vintage handbags...this I dont know.
  • 21. Sam said on May 23, 2010
    We have a super premium handbag domain for sale which will increase your sales and customer loyalty. - Go ahead and take a look! Everything you see it's free with the domain. Including the amazing site. What's for sale? The domain plus 6 months hosting included. Domain must go today! Hurry, you will not get a domain like this for the price we are willing to release it for!!! Transactions through email us at: For more domains go to
  • 22. SHAKILA BROOKS said on May 25, 2010
    Hello I'm trying to get in touch with Cindy. I would love to take a look at your handbag and get samples produced for you. You can contact me via email at Hope to hear from you soon.
  • 23. SHAKILA BROOKS said on May 25, 2010
    Hello all I'm in Georgia and still are looking to do samples and production for anyone if you are need of this service please don't hesitate to email me at Thank you
  • 24. Genene Jones said on May 27, 2010
    Hello: I'm interested in having signature bag's made from my logo. I have the idea but I need help with the drawing, fabric, pattern and making of the bag. If someone could assist me It would be greatly appreciated Thanks!
  • 25. sofey said on May 29, 2010
    Hi am sofey from Dubai, UAE. I'm interested in handbags designing and really want to start this business, I have lots of designs but need stuff to achieve this project to have big famous company.. Can any body help me sewing stuff.
  • 26. SHAKILA BROOKS said on June 11, 2010
    Hello everyone I'm still open for anyone needing samples made and also mass production of your product. I make totebags, little girls dresses, custom draperies, shower curtains, pillows, etc. Don't hesitate to contact me for more information.
  • 27. Suji said on June 18, 2010
    I am looking shop to sell my handmade bags. I can produce 20-50 bags in week. In addition to that I can make bags according to someone needs. I will appreciate you emails at
  • 28. Kerrie said on June 22, 2010
    Hi. I'm Kerrie from Canberra, Australia. I have several designs for bags and am keen to have some samples made. I'm interested in PVC and/or leather material. If anyone can help me find a manufacturer in Australia or China or Indonesia, I'd greatly appreciate contact details and reference information.
  • 29. Lanka said on July 2, 2010
    Hello everyone, This is lanka writing from Dongtian Bags Manufactory. we have near 20 years experiences on handbags, shopping bags and pp bags. we can provide all kinds of handbags with high quality and good price. welcome to visit our website:
  • 30. SHAKILA BROOKS said on July 6, 2010
    Hello all! I'm still open to make samples and production work. I produce little girl dresses handbags, totebags, laptop bags, makeup-bags, draperies, shower curtains, pillows, aprons, and anything else you need done. I offer unique designs at a high quality and good price. Don't hesitate to shoot me a e-mail.
  • 31. Kris said on July 9, 2010
    Hello. Woman's wear designer, pattern and sample maker with over 20 years of experience. I'm just starting a new handbag line "Isabella Gratzi". I am interested in teaming up with someone that would like to see their designs brought to life. Maybe you love to design but don't make patterns or sew. Looking for something with an Italian flare. I'm in NY but you can be from anywhere (thanks to the internet!) You can email me at Thanks!
  • 32. Lowanda said on July 21, 2010
    Hi, I love fashion and would like to start a line. Have some design ideas but need pattern/ samples made. I'm in Connecticut and can be reached at if you'd like to team up.
  • 33. pamela lin said on July 22, 2010
    I am a leather handbags and belts designer in Los Angeles. I am looking for local manufactures to produce small quantity products. Anyone has suggestions?
  • 34. SHAKILA BROOKS said on July 22, 2010
  • 35. Tumi said on July 26, 2010
    Could anyone give me advice of how I can get wholesale prices for brands such as Fiorelli, Charlotte Reid and Modalu. I want to set up a handbag store in South Africa. Thanks!
  • 36. Mubarak said on July 30, 2010
    Hello, I am in Dubai and looking to set up a small paper bag production unit here. I would like to have the paper imported and ideas from your experience as I am very new and zero knowledge in this business, Please drop me email to
  • 37. Fernando Faria said on August 3, 2010
    Hello, I am a manufacturer of high quality handbags and customize ones with specification of our costumers. I am looking new costumers to work with me I have my own collection too.
  • 38. SHAKILA BROOKS said on August 4, 2010
  • 39. Mandy Ho said on August 12, 2010
    Hi, i have my own small workshop(bag & shoe)in china, & have trading office in hong kong, i would like to serve someone can reach my minimum order quantity for 30 pieces per style(bag),60 pieces per size per style(Shoes), either PVC/Pu or sheep skin/cow leather. pls feel free to contact at
  • 40. Ndidi said on August 15, 2010
    California, USA. Hello, i am in need of a handbag manufacturer to help me start my line of womens cloth handbags. Please email me if you can help. I have the design and concept already in mind but i need someone to help me put it all together. i am looking to start asap so please email me back if you can help. thanks endyspieces@gmail
  • 41. Christine Syquia said on August 21, 2010
    Hi~I have experience owning an accessory business and running 4 separate handbag lines as well as jewelry and shoes. I am now teaching an online course to help emerging designers.
  • 42. Frenchie said on August 22, 2010
    @ Christine Syquia, i want to start my own handbag line and i need help getting started. Where do i go online for your course.
  • 43. Mandy Ho said on August 24, 2010
    Hi everybody, I'm Mandy Ho. As my hotmail was hacked by someone, can not be used for time being. Would you please use to contact again.
  • 44. Christine Syquia said on August 26, 2010
    Hi Frenchie-You can email me directly at website
  • 45. SHAKILA BROOKS said on August 30, 2010
  • 46. Nora Price said on September 6, 2010
    Hi, I am located in Akron, Ohio. I have an idea for a handbag, but I cannot draw. I know what it looks like in my head, but, I need to get it on paper and I need samples. I also need to get it manufactured. If you can help me, please e-mail me at Thank You.
  • 47. Anna said on September 6, 2010
    Our company is a professional manufacturer and reliable wholesale supplier from China for the hottest fashion designer inspired handbags and purses. We have our design team. If someone need our help to design handbags or purses, pls feel free to contact at you.
  • 48. Kai said on September 18, 2010
    I am looking to start a handbag line. I have designs in my head but I dont know how to get them down on paper. I'm looking for an experienced designer who can help make my ideas visible. I am located in Detroit, MI. Thanks
  • 49. Nicole said on September 19, 2010
    Hi! i have sketches and drawings of the purses that i would like to have made...I want them to be durable, reliable, luxurious handbags. Please email me if anyone has information on manufacturers or the next step that i need to take. THank you! **Nicole
  • 50. SHAKILA BROOKS said on September 20, 2010
  • 51. Courtney said on September 27, 2010
    @jag - I would like to get in touch with jag who posted a comment on launching their handbag line. I am very interested to see how you made your journey happen. i too, am in the process of opening my line of handbags up, have had a few glitches with manufacturers, and would appreciate some feedback as to where to look next. Any information on manufacturers would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  • 52. suab said on September 29, 2010
    Jacksonville florida, Hi there, I am looking for sample and pattern maker in the US as well as small production manufacturers for my high end line of fabric and leather handbags.
  • 53. SHAKILA BROOKS said on October 11, 2010
    Sample maker and also small mass production workroom located in Georgia (United States). Email if interested. Email address is Thank you
  • 54. Dave said on October 15, 2010
    Hi, I am located in The Hague, The Netherlands. I have an idea for a handbag, but I cannot draw or design. I know what it looks like in my head, but, I need to get it on paper and I need samples. I also need to get it manufactured. If you can help me, please e-mail me at Thank You.
  • 55. Molly said on October 16, 2010
    Dallas, TX - Interested in having someone make some samples for me. Please let me know if you are interested. Thank you.
  • 56. ana said on October 30, 2010
    Hi, I would like to start leather hand bags business, but don't know where to get started, can any one help me with the information what to do, and if there are any classes that i can take to make my own samples, since i am ok with sewing and cutting, and i can sketch the styles also. I am near white plains New York. Thanks. email:
  • 57. Chhavan said on December 4, 2010
    Hello everybody, I am located in Battambang Province, Cambodia. Cambodia is a small country and poor country. So, that's why i have opened a small company that have supported from my Dad and Mom from United States. Now my work is doing with hand bags business. The products made by the poor ladies, widow that we collect them from the village. Now they are looking for job and they come to work with us. So, we need to find the market to sell our products. We have experiences with fabric hand bags and some leather hand bags and we also sell to United States. And now we looking for other market because here have a lot of poor ladies looking for job and they come to us for help. So please help us is the same help the poor ladies by helping us to sell all our products that make by hands. Everybody can help us by order and send us sample of products to address: Khmer Krafts Co., Ltd, #10, Group3, Wat Kor Village, Sangkat Wat Kor, Battambang City, Battambang Province, Cambodia. Or our email add: We wish we can get information from everybody. Thanks and regards.
  • 58. Sam Phea said on December 4, 2010
    Hello everybody. I'm in Cambodia. We are still looking to do samples and production for anyone if you are need of this service please don't hesitate to email me at We need to help the poor ladies, widow by finding work for them. We are waiting for your help. Thank you
  • 59. April said on December 7, 2010
    I have a patent for a specific purse that I need made. I need the whole process the mock ups and samples ect. I am located in chesapeake, va and would like to partner with someone for the whole process with prices that are reasonable. Looking to find someone and get started ASAP!!!! Thank you!!!!!! you can reach me at
  • 60. D&V said on December 9, 2010
    Hello everyone, I am interested in starting up a local handbag business. I know nothing about business but i know a lot of people that can help. Would you say I was crazy??? I myself am creative but i never went to school for design. I dont know where to start can anyone guide me in the right direction please???
  • 61. Matilda said on December 10, 2010
    currently got some designs that i would like to have made, but am look for a manufacturer that can deal with both leather and fabric bags and can also do small orders. And also looking for good distribution channels in the US.Please contact at
  • 62. S&J said on December 11, 2010
    We have a design and somewhat prototype for a specific bag that we need produced. The entire process would need to be addressed, from the samples to finished product etc. I am located in Bronx, NY and would like to meet with a TD. Looking to find someone and get started ASAP!!!! Thank you!!!!!! you can reach me at
  • 63. Maggie said on December 11, 2010
    Hi everyone, I'm starting up my own label of handbag. I'm still in a preliminary stage ie. product design. I would like to get in touch with jag. Would you be kind enough to give me an email and have a conversation with me? thank you
  • 64. Matilda said on December 13, 2010
    Hi Maggie i am also in the same situation as you and just wanted to know how you are finding the process so far............ i would also like to get in touch with you and also Jag to get a few tips about getting my bags made in China and also tips on other things i may not have thought of. thank you
  • 65. Melissa said on December 15, 2010
    Hi I am looking for a manufacturer of bags. I will design but will send my design to china or wherever. Please help where I should I start.
  • 66. Betsy said on December 16, 2010
    Hello- we are looking for designers to partner with on handbag, totes, laptop, backpack designs for a start up US company. We bring strong business (entrepreneurial, marketing and web knowledge but need a little more fashion/design sense. If interested please contact me. International designers welcome!!
  • 67. Irene said on December 21, 2010
    Hi every one I design handmade leather belts in Kenya. They have bead themes, animal themes. Different sizes to suit women of all groups.
  • 68. jeannie said on December 22, 2010
    Hi there...i am starting a handbag company and want to explore my options for manufacturers...i looked into china but also want to see what is good for the U.S...gotta support my country! Please email me if you have any advice or company websites i can look individuals without website. thank you
  • 69. Queen Liz said on December 27, 2010
    Hi I am interested in starting a line of bags for my christian store. I want to have my own label. I am in the beginning stage, so I am looking for designers. I am in making contact with friends of mine in Thailand who made wholesale suits for us to see if there may be manufacturing opportunities in that area. Anything you guys can share with me to assist me or advise me would be greatly appreciated.
  • 70. Emma said on December 29, 2010
    Hi Melissa,I can help you. please contact me
  • 71. janice williams said on December 30, 2010
    Hello AND THANK YOU !! I need help, for the pass 4 years i started making hand bag's by hand & pillows i love to sew ,but what i would really love, would be, to see these hand bag's everywhere , yes to be sold, but first i need them to be in production and manufacture, so if you can help me in any kind of way please do, i feel that these bag's will go because i am a talent agent and when people see my bag's they get mad at me because they feel my bags should be in the store's or on line HOPE You can understand, i feel all alone, I LIVE IN DECATUR GA
  • 72. clare said on January 2, 2011
    I am looking to go into the business and is doing some online research. I have seen this website, don't know how good they are but check out they are based in New York and from their website will manufacture for you. Hope this helps those looking at manufacturing in the US.
  • 73. Candrisse said on January 2, 2011
    Hello, I'm a recent college grad looking to start a clutch handbag line I've already produced a few bags myself. However I would really like a few samples professionally made for me. If anyone is in the DMV (DC, MARYLAND or VIRGINIA) area please contact me Thank You!
  • 74. Vaibhav Deore said on January 4, 2011
    I would like to star business in Carry bags designing, manufacturing and retailing ,please guide me for the same. City: Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • 75. Mrs Sado said on January 9, 2011
    My business is located at ikorodu in Lagos State Nigeria lam into bags making i want to be linked to a school that offers an online training as i want to broaden my knowledge
  • 76. MJ said on January 21, 2011
    I have a business plan for a socially minded bag business that I am in need of a partner with bag experience for. contact me if interested.
  • 77. CC said on January 22, 2011
    I want to start a small line of handbag , i'm looking for a small manufacturer in puerto rico or usa. I have the design and logo !
  • 78. Veronica said on January 25, 2011
    Hi my name is Veronica, My business partner and i currently are trying to launch our design company. We have most of our designs licensed and some are actually patented. We have a hard time finding someone that can manufacture high quality leather. We would need some that could interpret a detailed sketch and make it from start to finish until it is perfect. We are running low on funds so we need some one who can do it fairly inexpensive. On a side note we already have some buyers lined up that love our design but want to see a sample first. We are hoping to have a sample by the end of the year but the sooner the better. I would love a US based company if possibly to keep the shipping costs fairly low and also to hopefully get the ball moving a little faster. If anyone out there is up for the challenge to manufacture our design. Please please contact me as soon as possible. Thanks!
  • 79. sherelle said on January 29, 2011
    Had a brainstorm this morning, I have a leather handbag that I love and would like to have one exactly the same, only much larger. I would like to create my own line starting with this bag, however I don't know where to start. Can anyone tell me how to start, where to go to have a prototype made. Just how to get started period, I don't have a clue. Thanks
  • 80. Arif said on February 8, 2011
    I am doing a job and my company running since from 1884..and This company Mumbai based... my company manufacturing of ally types of Bags..Like..Traveling Bag, Office Bag, Lap Top Bags,Bag Pack...School Bag..and many more..and may company also manufacturing as per customers sample / idea..and my company manufacturing bulk and small quantity..and my company supplying in all over India so now I would like to Supply the Bags in Corporate how I can start this business... Please read these my words and give the ideas that how I can start corporate business.. Arif, Mumbai, 8082512354
  • 81. Michele said on February 15, 2011
    I would like to start a handbag line. I have some designs already to go. I just need to find someone who can help me get them manufactured. Does anybody know how to go about this?
  • 82. Dana said on February 25, 2011
    Hi all - Was wondering how to price handmade handbags... I've over and over the double/double scenario. Is this still true for pricing handbags? Or is the markup less than 50% for wholesale and retail price? Thanks for any advice.
  • 83. James expert adviser said on February 26, 2011
    @Dana, who are your buyers? Markup will vary depending on your customers.

    Jestin James
    Startup Biz Hub - Senior Advisor (Staff)

  • 84. Dana said on February 26, 2011
    @James can you explain that in more detail for me? what/how would make the markup differ?
  • 85. James expert adviser said on February 26, 2011
    @Dana, In a supply chain system at least you have 2-3 tier of people. If you are the producer and you have the scope to reach the customers then you can have high markup price, you can also markdown on needed as you have higher range with you. If you have multiple tiers in between you and the customer then you will have to keep the markup low, here the benefit is you will sell in bulk. I hope this clears some of your doubts. Let me know if you need further assistance.

    Jestin James
    Startup Biz Hub - Senior Advisor (Staff)

  • 86. Dana said on February 27, 2011
    @James as in the wholesale price (lower price and in bulk) and the retail price (higher price right to customer). is that what you mean?
  • 87. James expert adviser said on February 27, 2011
    @Dana, yes. You got it right. You also need to see who are your buyers. If they are from western countries then you can adjust your price accordingly.

    Jestin James
    Startup Biz Hub - Senior Advisor (Staff)

  • 88. Dana said on February 28, 2011
    @James but is the markup for wholesale double my costs and retail double my wholesale? Or is it less than double (30 - 40% markup)?
  • 89. James expert adviser said on February 28, 2011
    @Dana, it totally depends. I will give you one example of shoes. The retail price of shoes averages $15-$20 and wholesale buying averages $4-8. Producer sells at $3-$6. The gas station sells drugs like 1 packet tylenol for $1, buying cost remains in 9-18 cents for those packets. Wholesaler buys it in 6-12 cents. It totally varies with product and place.

    Jestin James
    Startup Biz Hub - Senior Advisor (Staff)

  • 90. Dana said on March 1, 2011
    @James, and this is why i struggle. I can't figure out how much to mark them up.
  • 91. James expert adviser said on March 1, 2011
    @Dana, i have a trick if you buy it. Call your competitors and act as the buyer to know their markup price. Otherwise try to set a higher price and mark it low on needed.

    Jestin James
    Startup Biz Hub - Senior Advisor (Staff)

  • 92. Dana said on March 2, 2011
    @James -oohhh that's juicy! not sure i could pull that off, but thanks for all the advice, sincerely.
  • 93. Lorraine Price said on March 4, 2011
    I am looking for a Saskatchewan or Canadian manufacturer to make my purse design. Can anyone help me out. Thanks
  • 94. Linda Cortes said on March 7, 2011
    I have an ideas to start my own purse line. Can someone assist me with what steps I need to take first. I know it will be profitable on the market.
  • 95. LaKeisha said on March 7, 2011
    Hi! My name is LaKeisha I have had a deep seated passion for handbags since my childhood. After countless purchases over the years I quickly became fascinated with the various facets of a handbag, which has compelled me designing on my own. I have a portfolio of over 200 unique handbags. Its my dream to start my line and see my handbags on store shelves. I'm primarily seeking a big market opportunity, by building a joint venture with an established company. I am currently in process of having patterns and samples made.... any suggestions/guidance is greatly appreciated. ANY opportunity for business is negotiable!!! I an eager to get started ASAP! Please contact me!!! If possible could the following contact me: JAG, SHAKILA and BETSY - I have questions for you... maybe we can jump on a call!!!! My email is
  • 96. aasha said on March 10, 2011
    I am looking for a company to manufacture my bag, designed by myself. The product is registered, but i require samples (prototypes) and if all goes well, manufacturers. Please advise. Thanks Aasha. I live in the UK.
  • 97. Esther said on March 21, 2011
    Hi, I am looking to start up a shoe and hand bag business here in the USA, but is looking for a company in China and Italy who can manufacture them for me. Pls help if you know any of such company to do business with me.
  • 98. Cynthia said on March 29, 2011
    I have been sewing bags for years and am now ready to pursue putting my bags on the market. Where do I go to get my designs licensed or registered? Should I even get I get it patented since copying seems to run rampant. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • 99. Diane said on April 2, 2011
    Hello, I designed and built an original handbag and I am looking for someone in the southeast USA to produce samples that have all the bells and whistles of my original bag, but professionally manufactured and finished. Your help is truly appreciated.
  • 100. Taryn said on April 6, 2011
    My sister and I just started a line of Handbags and wallets. We have the sketches done and buyers in the works but are looking for a manufacturer who works with leather and silk in the Los Angeles area. Any help please email me at
  • 101. JOHN said on April 9, 2011
    Hello all,i am in kenya,East Africa,and i think my country is a great potential market for handbags, etc. I am more than willing to work with anyone interested in marketing their products. To reach me email or call +254 716 238 642.
  • 102. Bettina said on April 12, 2011
    Hi , I have a small handbag business and have been approached by a chain store with 13 stores. I print my own fabrics, and make all my bags from theses and make everything locally in Australia. If it costs me say $34.00 to produce a bag? How much should I be wholesaling at? Not sure how much profit most business's make on the wholesaling mark up? I assume that most stores expect to double my wholesale price? Do you suggest minimum orders? thank -you Bettina, Sydney Australia.
  • 103. ila said on April 23, 2011
    Hi, I'm Ila from Malaysia. I sell fashion bag for wholesale/retail at low price in market. email me at for any inquiry or to see the catalog. thanks.
  • 104. francis said on April 28, 2011
    hi i'm from the philippines and i work as a sample development here. we make different bag. maybe i can help to make pattern. thanks this is may email add;
  • 105. francis said on April 28, 2011
    hi i from philippines and i work as a sample development head here. we make different bag. maybe i can help who wants pattern for bag or to make pattern. thanks this is may email add;
  • 106. Tam Luong said on May 6, 2011
    Hi, I am located in Hochiminh, Vietnam. I have been working in Handicraft and furniture for 6 years. I am working in supply chain. I had my own handbag business and a workshop a few years ago and now start that business again. Right now, I have a medium-big customer from US market. I am looking for more customers, potential customer for export. Please do not hesitate to contact me any time., or call me at +84 9(0)93399625
  • 107. Lyn Roberts said on May 11, 2011
    I cant give too much away, but I have a design for a pouch, along the lines of a make up bag that I need to have manufactured. To be madeup either in a polyester silky material or a material like soft shower curtains......whichever makes up the best.If you can help get in-touch. I live in Sussex England.
  • 108. kelly said on May 18, 2011
    Hello, Purchase my bag and try the market. We are manufactured company base in China and recently expand to U.S. If you are interested please e-mail me, I can provide catalog and price sheet for you to check it out!
  • 109. kelly said on May 20, 2011
    Oh by the way, we are manufacturer co, can designed bag for you or produce bag for you.
  • 110. natasa said on May 30, 2011
    anyone from china who is able to make production of very small quantity of bags, my own design and i give you the sample, am living in guangzhou ,thnx
  • 111. ANAND said on May 31, 2011
  • 112. Mia said on June 7, 2011
    Seriously looking for uk Handbag Manufacturer. We need our designs made up into samples, after which with orders secured into full production run. We are looking at leather and pvc manufacturers as designs could be made in either. Low minimum runs only please. Good quality, looking at product to sit in mid/high end market.
  • 113. Mary said on June 8, 2011
    Elizabeth City, NC USA Need someone to sew large quantity of my designed tote. Have several companies wanted to buy but I can't mass produce.
  • 114. sharon chen said on June 10, 2011
    Hi, I have a leather handbag in China, I am looking for good designer for men??? if you have interesting in, pls email your photos to
  • 115. aacctg svc said on June 17, 2011
    I need a Professional Handbag Designer (Freelance Designer preferably in NYC but I am flexible)to design my line of handbag/purses. I am not a designer, but in my head I have a pretty good picture of what I want. I have always loved beautiful, functional purses and unique handbags so now I am ready to get those out there. I am looking at leather and PVC. Quality is important so please email me some designs form your portfolio. Reasonable rates only please. Looking forward to hearing form you. Thanks,
  • 116. azhakesanpillai said on June 18, 2011
    I am interested in making hand crafted bags , but I do not know how to make it . Can anyone help me . Awaiting an early positive response .Thanking you once again, +919427627500
  • 117. Sofia said on June 19, 2011
    Hi All, Seriously need a designer to help me create my line of purses/handbags ASAP. My idea includes a purse that is durable, functional, yet beautiful and lux. I am not a designer so I need the whole process (design and prototypes). I am in NYC. Looking for a designer at reasonable rates. Please contact me at
  • 118. Muhammad Saleem said on June 20, 2011
    We have manufacturing facility of Handbags of any kind. we are based in karachi,Pakistan. Please contact for detail.
  • 119. Sofia said on June 20, 2011
    Hi, I need a designer to help me create my line of purses and handbags. My idea includes a purse that is stylish, durable, functional, yet beautiful and lux. I am not a designer so I need the whole process (design and prototypes). I am in NYC. Looking for a designer at reasonable rates. Please contact me at
  • 120. Vincci said on June 23, 2011
    Dear Mary, Pls email your inquiry to and we'll get back with details within 24 hours. Regards, Vincci, ARTESSORIO LTD
  • 121. Meena said on June 23, 2011
    Hi, I am looking for someone to help me make my handbag prototypes. Looking to work in suede and leather. The designs are for my new collection. I am based in London and would want someone who could meet with me and bring along some of their work to show me. Hope to hear from someone soon,please email me regards Mena
  • 122. Tobi said on June 28, 2011
    I want to be a consultant to a bag manufacturer here in Nigeria, kindly contact me if you want to expand your business. Please mail me
  • 123. Sofia said on June 28, 2011
    Hi, I need someone to help me create my line of purses and handbags. My idea includes a purse that is stylish, durable, functional, yet beautiful. I am currently working on my sketches but need help. I am in NYC. Looking for a designer at reasonable rates. I am also looking to buy from new designers that have beautiful purses and handbags. Please contact me at
  • 124. Mr.Mizanur Rahman said on July 3, 2011
    Hi, We are a handicrafts company & also make fashionable, beautiful purses and handbags. Please contact me at
  • 125. Murad & Masum said on July 3, 2011
    Hi, we want our business expand worldwide. so i need buyers. if you interested then search me.
  • 126. Patricia Marufu said on July 7, 2011
    Hallo, I am looking for a company that can manufacture my handbags. i can do the designs but i just don't know how to start manufacturing. Harare, Zimbabwe
  • 127. Sofia said on July 7, 2011
    Hi, I am looking for a designer to go over my sketches. I already have two sketches but need someone to help streamline them, so please contact me if you're a designer and can also sew samples. I am also interested in new designer lines. If you already have beautiful purses/handbags and needs to sell them at wholesale please contact me with your catalog or brochures of your products. I am interested in beautiful, nicely made, purses and handbags. My contact info is
  • 128. Sofia said on July 8, 2011
    Hi, I am still searching for a designer to help me with my sketches. Please contact me ASAP. I am also looking for new designer handbags and purses. If you have beautiful, nice design, quite handbags and purses please contact me with your brochure or photos. I will buy them from you in small quantities.
  • 129. aray amayeobu said on July 14, 2011
    i am in search of a manufacture that can make handbags using fabric from asia and africa. need a seamstress who can help me launch my lux handbag
  • 130. Mr.Mizanur Rahman said on July 14, 2011
    aray amayeobu, I am a manufacture of handbags if you have any design then plz send me, I hope your problems will be solve. Can you give me your details. Thanks, Musma Enterprise
  • 131. nichole lynn said on August 6, 2011
    In georgia USA / I have tons of sketches and designs for hand bags.I have wanted to be a designer since I could hold a color pencil to draw. I am looking for anyone to help me get started on a line /production/samples/etc. Please email me at -thank you :-)
  • 132. anna said on August 14, 2011
    we are a handbags manufacturer and sell our products to many countries.also supply dropshing and small quantity order. please email me:
  • 133. Selma said on August 18, 2011
    Anyone knows of a good manufacturer/factory for handbag/wallet business. Anyone wants to team up please email me at I live in USA, Virginia.
  • 134. Latoya said on August 18, 2011
    Hello I am trying to start my own purse line and I have a unique design but I need to know do I register my purse before I bring my idea to a seamstress, or do I go through a seamstress and then get it registered please help me out so I know what to do so my idea wont get
  • 135. Rachael said on August 21, 2011
    Hello, this forum is so helpful, I read each and very post here. Now, I wanted to ask if anybody knows from where I can get a line of wooden box purses made. I live in U.S. I have heard a lot about such purses getting made in Philppines.. Would like to know if any body can recommend a company in philippines or Anywhere else in Asia that can do some sampling for me.
  • 136. peter said on August 22, 2011
    hi,Rachael , i know where to order the wooden box purse. but i donot know whether is what you want. can i got your email or you can email me and i send you some pictures.
  • 137. sulisha said on August 25, 2011
    hi my name is sulisha and i have a a lot of bags and cloth line and I would like to know how you can help me. please do email me thank you
  • 138. Vicky said on September 3, 2011
    Hi everyone,i have lots of fashion samples on shoes and bags and i'm looking for a very good manufacturer to produce them and i'm also looking for a good place to learn how to make them. live in Nigeria.
  • 139. CK said on September 3, 2011
    Hi everyone, I am new to this bag industry. Never done any business so need help in setting up a selling price. The aim is to start selling bags on our own (doing retailing) and then once we have some experience we can sell bags to Wholesaler. Now if the bag is costing us at $15 shall we add 100% markup means sell it right now for $30 and later on when we approach wholesaler we will sell to them for $21. Will this model work ? With Wholesale price to do the retailing on our own. Regards, CK
  • 140. Jaci said on September 5, 2011
    Hi, I am looking to work with a designer, I already have a patent on the work I have designed but I need a professional designer to help basically scan certain images / designs / pictures onto the graphic handbag in software form and manipulate the images on the bag. The next step would be to develop a prototype. The material would be PVC or other sort of plastic resin. Someone in the NJ / NY area would be ideal. I can be reached at Thanks!
  • 141. Mandy Ho said on September 5, 2011
    CHANCE to start up retail or wholesale handbag business with cost below US$5.00 per piece. It is absolutely factory price.please contact
  • 142. tobi said on September 8, 2011
    hi everyone, me and my business partner are looking for a backpack & messenger bag sample maker to help us create some bags... we are based in London. if interested please get in touch at
  • 143. Krish said on September 11, 2011
    Hi everyone, I have beautiful collection of hippie bags and clothes that are manufactured in Nepal. I am looking forward getting in contact with wholesales or retailers who want to sell my products. I live in Dallas, TX.Thanks, Krish
  • 144. nah said on September 24, 2011
    Hi everyone, I always like to start a business and I haven't had one before and every time I ask someone's help they always give me negative feedback. I love beads and the colours makes me happy. I have no experience but I don't know where to start and how to start and I would like to sell beads or make ear rings, necklaces and bangles.Please help. Sydney Australia.
  • 145. shipon said on September 25, 2011
    Hi Krish, Do you have any picture of hippie bags and cloths please send me into my e-mail. from canada
  • 146. kago said on September 27, 2011
    i want to open a 75 seater cinema in Botswana not looking for big project
  • 147. bonit a said on September 30, 2011
    havent patent my designer name yet. but I am try to get information on where to go for professional seamstress
  • 148. Natalee said on October 11, 2011
    I am looking to start a small handbag store in need of a supplier different style bags, luggage, tote any information will be appreciated, please email me
  • 149. ULIA said on October 15, 2011
    @Natalee Where will your store be located? And do you have a special market niche for your store? Upscale or more affordable? Please email me at!
  • 150. IEC said on October 15, 2011
    I will be sending green skins to china for processing into leather. I need someone to manufacture (prefer China - skins already there) into purse or wallet using my leather. This is a brand new venture using a unique leather. Any assistance or advice would be appreciated. Thank you
  • 151. rabindra said on October 21, 2011
    hey i want a dealer who can sell my bag and jacket which is nepal made that manufacture in my factory if any one is interested plz visit me @
  • 152. Debbie said on October 25, 2011
    I am in Jamaica, West Indies and I am interested in sewing cloth handbags. I now sew handbags for friends and family. Contact me at
  • 153. anika said on October 31, 2011
    Hi,i am interested in finding a designer that will help me design a bag and put it on the markets everywhere at a very reasonable price. I can be reached at the above email address.
  • 154. areli said on October 31, 2011
    hi, i am interested in the products, but i liked more information, price, i live in mexico city
  • 155. Rajat said on November 12, 2011
    Can show good designs of handbags, any quantity anywhere in the world. You want to see some designs contact on my email id. Regards, Rajat Agarwal
  • 156. Emmanuel Obafemi (Brand Developer) beginner adviser said on November 16, 2011
    Hi everyone, It is really sad that a great number of people have passion for bag designs in their head but cannot translate it to paper and finally to the shelf to become happy CEOs. From my experience dealing with Business Starters in the Fashion-related industry, all you need to do is 'process'. It doesn't matter where you live and what market you are targeting, what's important is 'getting the ideas out'. Take it from the scratch, build your own brand one-block-at-a-time! And so, if you are serious and ready to work hard on yourself and your new business, I guarantee you - your handbag products will be out in the market in no time. You can contact me if you need professional help to put your ideas together, finish designs, discuss pricing, source fabrics, get sales partners or generally get your handbag business project started.
  • 157. Tayyba Gondal said on November 21, 2011
    Hello i want to start hand bags business but before that i want to attend hand bags design classes or wana have some ideas about it..or if some one is experienced please contact me.thanx
  • 158. ray rabago said on November 22, 2011
    los Angeles california, i need a manufacture for my shoes and handbag design. i'm still a student so i need sample to take to show rooms before.
  • 159. christina said on November 23, 2011
    i need a designer to help me create my line of purses and handbags. I am not a designer so i need the whole process(design and prototypes. The designer should have reasonable rates i live in ikorodu in lagos city nigeria
  • 160. Megan said on November 23, 2011
    Hi, I am a bag designer. I am looking for a bag's producer/manufacturer anywhere in Europe. Please contact me at if you are interested in making them. Thanks.
  • 161. Megan said on November 23, 2011
    Hi, I am a bag designer and I am looking for a bag's manufacturer anywhere in Europe. I am based in The Hague, Netherlands. Contact me at Thanks.
  • 162. Nicole said on November 24, 2011
    Hi, I am setting up an online store selling hand bags. But I am having trouble finding quality handbgs with low shipping costs to import to Australia. Or a supplier in australia. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • 163. tina said on November 27, 2011
    i am a bag maker. i am looking for a bag manufacturer/producer who can produce my line of purses and handbags in large quantity with reasonable price i live in lagos nigeria you can contact me with this email or call this number +2348039359090
  • 164. Vera said on November 28, 2011
    Hi, I am from Indonesia and interested in supplying handbags (including customized handbags) from my country. Feel free to contact me at
  • 165. mahesh g s said on December 6, 2011
    Hi, We are into manufacturing of Hand made paper bags/ folders/ gift boxes (wooden & Cardboard). in Mumbai I am looking buyers retail as well as bulk. Kindly contact on 09221196009 or mail on
  • 166. Anh said on December 7, 2011
    Hi there, I am looking for samples to be made of my designs. I am a small business owner, so I am really looking for someone who can take my sketches and bring it to life. From there, I can talk about production, but I am really looking for someone who can bring my sketches to life. I am located in Los Angeles, CA. Please do email me!
  • 167. Anh said on December 7, 2011
    Email included= And I am looking for lambskin leathers. Hi there, I am looking for samples to be made of my designs. I am a small business owner, so I am really looking for someone who can take my sketches and bring it to life. From there, I can talk about production, but I am really looking for someone who can bring my sketches to life. I am located in Los Angeles, CA. Please do email me!
  • 168. Jessica Best said on December 14, 2011
    I am a purchaser and co owner of a mid to highend boutique in california. I am looking for some new innovative handbags to carry in my boutique. I dont want designer inspired i would like high quality. [please contact myself on email if you have anything to offer
  • 169. hussain said on December 16, 2011
    I would like to start my business selling branded "authentic" bags e.g. coach,LV etc in wholesale/outlet price. So if there is any supplier or a partner send me an email to The business is 100% profitable but as long as the prices are the best in the market.
  • 170. Anne said on December 28, 2011
    hi. i have a production line in handbags and i'm looking for shops where could i send them to sale. if you are interested email me at
  • 171. Busi said on January 4, 2012
    I am looking to start up a shoe and bag business in South africa and looking for someone that can supply me with designer items at reasonable price kindly contact me on
  • 172. Eve said on January 8, 2012
    Hi i am from Brasil, and i have very nice ideas about handbags. I would like to know the first step to start my business and to have my brand famous around world.
  • 173. Tammy said on January 10, 2012
    I am just starting in the purse industry. I have several ideas and have made only a few. I would like to get them out there in the real world, but I do not know how to. I thought about etsy but unsure if that is the route to go. Could someone give me a few ideas on how to market my product? Thank you! I design and make my own purses, so some of you I may need to hire in the near future.
  • 174. Joyce said on January 11, 2012
    I live in Palm City, Florida. I would like to have a sample backpack made with a photo of my dog. She has amazing eyes and everyone comments on how beautiful she is. I would like to start with a backpack and gear a fun-line for children that will include a lunchbox and pencil case. Where can I find a manufacturer?
  • 175. deepa said on January 13, 2012
    am a bag designer living and working out of london, uk. i am looking for a small team to manufacture samples for my designs in india at competitive rates. anyone interested please respond with contact number, location and online presence details at
  • 176. Stephanie Robetson said on January 13, 2012
    Baker, Louisiana USA. I dont have many ideas as everyone else on here. All I have is one. Something that I think is great for every women. I have an name for it. But I dont know if Im suppose to say it on here. I want to sell it where I can. All over if possible. I just need an extra help on how to start it and where to start... Thank you... P.S. Hope some respond back, that knows what to do.
  • 177. Tammy said on January 17, 2012
    I am starting up a new bus. making purses/clutches. They are rugged looking yet really pretty. I am looking for a store to take me on and selling them for me.I can sell to your store in bulks or in small quantities @ a time. I love to sew and I really think these purses will be very pretty in a store. Thank you
  • 178. osi naiho said on January 20, 2012
    We are a private label handbag company based here in the united states specifically, Louisville, Ky and we can help you bring your handbag dreams to a reality. Please contact me if you are interested in working with us. We can have your line ready within 4 weeks! 502 298 8946
  • 179. Nicole said on January 21, 2012
    Looking for someone to produce a small amount of purses at a reasonable price. Have design ideas and ready to get them made. In Atlanta,GA USA contact me at
  • 180. Nikki said on January 22, 2012
    I am looking for a company to manufacture my bag, designed by myself. I am a start up business, and am seriously looking for a UK based handbag manufacturer who would be able to produce samples (prototypes) and if all goes well, manufacturer a full production run (but still keeping to the MOQ). My product is of good quality, luxury leather and exotic leather and would be really keen to see if anyone could help, i can also supply the leather but just need someone to be able to I live in the UK. Nikki.
  • 181. Shamalee P said on January 23, 2012
    Hi , I am Shamalee from Colombo , Sri Lanka , Currently I can supply Hand Bags & shoes for small orders . All items will be local & imported at very reasonable price and after sale services . My contact email id
  • 182. Lete said on January 24, 2012
    Hi i have been selling traditional Kenyan bags locally but would want to find a foreign market for my products.Any help in reaching my goals are highly
  • 183. Prithus said on January 25, 2012
    Hi, I am Prithus Ghosh from India i am a small manufacturer of leather hand bags. We know India is second larger country in leather export. I am using export quality leather to making a bag. vary reasonable rate and having vary nice design and stylist all are the bags. Price are stating from $16 on words. Please contact -
  • 184. Arfien said on January 27, 2012
    Hi Every one, If you interested with Indonesia Supplier for hand bag. just let me know my located in west java, indonesia.
  • 185. Leszek said on January 29, 2012
    Hi I am looking for someone who would like to buy hand made high quality leather bag. The designs are really original and unique. There is no line production only hand made. If You are interested about samples or pictures, email to me. Located in London.
  • 186. anu said on January 30, 2012
    I would like to start online leather bag business in USA. I want to import bag from India. My question is what are rule and regulation to import leather bags in USA via UPS/FedEx?
  • 187. anu said on January 30, 2012 you are importing leather bags?
  • 188. Tammy Kahn said on February 3, 2012
    My purses/clutches are looking really good, that I have designed. I am looking for a purse/bag business that could sell my product in their stores. I just graduated w/ a fashion designing degree and I am ready to get on w/ my career. I have pictures and samples for anyone that is interested in them. (I am located in Illinois) Please email me if you are interested in my items, to sell.
  • 189. Faizan Shah said on February 4, 2012
    I live in UK. We are planning to start a business mainly pets, horse products also ladies bags,wallets,belts. We have sources in India for production as my father was in this business for long time but he passed away 10 years ago now. I am struggling to get a correct name to register a company in uk. Can you please advice and give suggestion. Thank You & Regard's
  • 190. Alia Mohammed said on February 5, 2012
    Hi I am Alia I come from the UAE .we are planning to start a business by selling bags. Wallets belts. And my age is 10yaers old.thank you ®ard,s.
  • 191. mary mundy said on February 6, 2012
    i need someone to make manufacture a black fabric purse for me. i had them made overseas last year but do not want to order 1000 pieces again. it would be wonderful if i could get them made in usa but am not sure that is even possible nowadays. what i want is a very simple purse that can be worn over the shoulder or around the hip as fanny pack approx 8 inches x 5 inches. i want no decoration. i will personally decorate it at a later time.
  • 192. Lamdas India said on February 9, 2012
    We are quality bag manufacturer in non leather segment i.e. nylon ,tetron etc & based in Jamshedpur Jharkhand , want to know more about my kind of business
  • 193. jamani said on February 9, 2012
    Mary Mundy, I may have something you could be interested in. What's your email so I can send you a pic and see if it works. Cheers !!! Atlanta, GA. USA
  • 194. abiola said on February 10, 2012
    Hi I am looking for lady's bag manufacturer to work with in Marketing their product.
  • 195. Charito said on February 10, 2012
    Hello, I'm looking for a handbag manufacturer in California to produce polyester handbags. Hope to hear from you soon!!
  • 196. Veronica coleman said on February 11, 2012
    Hi I'm in Yorkshire, uk. I have a design idea for cloth bags but dont know where to start. Do I make a sample, try making a batch and see if sell to friends or try and sell my idea. Anyone help????
  • 197. Tay said on February 11, 2012
    Hi! I'm in the USA in illinois and wanted to jump on the board of selling cute purses. With everyone selling scents around me I thought purses would be something different and fun! I want cute stylish hand bags that I can make a profit off of. My family owns a boutique and are willing to sell there as well if bags are the type we are looking for. Considering diaper bags as well but nothing official yet! If u know of anyone who designs bags and just needs someone to help sell them send me some example pictures and a business plan / deal and i'll get back to u ASAP! Thanks so much :)
  • 198. Tammy said on February 11, 2012
    I am starting a purse/bag business. I am looking for a store that would like to buy by purses and sell them in their store. I do have pictures to show you what I sell.
  • 199. Aftab said on February 12, 2012
    Hi All, I am a manufacturer and exporter of leather goods based in India. Anyone looking to have their idea/designs in physical form. Contact me at
  • 200. Sharon said on February 12, 2012
    I am looking for a manufacturer for sports bags and drawstring bags. I need assistance with design and production. Please contact me if you specialize in this area or can point me in the right direction. Thank you!
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