Where Can I Open a Tax Free Business

Are you looking for places where you can open a tax free business?

Let us help you out in looking for a place that offers a tax free business and we will give you the requirements on how you can start a tax free business to lessen your burden to taxes.

Is there a Tax Free Business Opportunity?

Business entrepreneurs always finding a way if they can start-up a business which is worry-free to taxes. You are probably thinking if there’s Tax Free Business opportunity that can use your capital. In some legal aspects, every state has their own business laws being implemented so they can collect taxes from different business establishment. It’s either your business is sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation, every business is bind to abide the law so they can avoid penalties in not paying the corresponding taxes in due time. The types of business taxes being collected from a business are income tax, self-employment tax, employment tax, and excise tax. If we’re going to analyze the effect of these taxes on our businesses, almost more or less 50% of the total business revenues go to taxes. Can you imagine how big this cost can be if it will be cut off from you’re total earnings in a year?

On this modern time, people are using the world wide web as their new platform for business. Maybe this is for the reason that some countries and states have no means to monitor the online businesses and pursue them with corresponding taxes. But this is not a quite bright idea to be able to escape from the burden of heavy taxes especially in terms of legal aspects, and also an internet base business is a 24-hour operation. The hunt for looking a place for tax free business is really a big challenge to every entrepreneur.

However, you can be free to taxes if you’re income is not exceeding the average income set by your county or state, but this scenario is unusual to happen. There are also occasions wherein you’re state may offer tax free business opportunities and you need to grab this very rare chance.

A Tax Free Business Opportunity

We did an online research and we found out that the State of Minnesota currently offers Tax Free Business Opportunities. According to the information we have gathered from the website, this tax free business opportunity is under the Minnesota Job Opportunity Building Zones program or JOBZ, in which a total of 34 communities are involved and there are 58 sub-zones within the 3,271 acres across Northeastern Minnesota has been designated for this special project. The tax exemptions covered are: State income tax for operators or investors; Property tax on commercial and industrial improvements; State and local sales tax on goods and services purchased; State corporate franchise taxes; Wind energy production tax; and Employment tax credit for high paying jobs.

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