Types of Written Communication in Business

In the field of communication, there are vast styles in which a person may choose. This also applies in the business world.

There are diverse ways in which an entrepreneur can convey information to the customers like electronic mails, letters, posting in the internet and many more.

Business cannot operate without thorough and appropriate communication strategies. This may come in many forms. However, it has to be properly written so that confusion as well as chaos from the wrong way of understanding from the readers will be avoided. It is important for it to convey the strength and essence of the business message for it to generate many customers and gain ample amount of profit. The following are the different types of written communication in business.

The Benefits to Businesses

The most popular one is the electronic mail. It allows the delivery of message instantly and easily. A businessperson can also save a lot in using emails as a form of communication and promotion. It is good for mass access. More often than not, it can be an efficient way to direct as many clients in a short span of time. It also promotes uniformity. Another is memorandum. It is a way to announce information formally towards subordinate or employees in the business. Memorandum is a manner wherein a ready reference is available to all and could be used as a legal defense. Moreover, it is also unambiguous as well as accurate in nature.

Business and proposal letters are also very efficient in communicating business matters. It is a scheme to inform the higher ups regarding a business that is beneficial and will generate big profits. In its form, it points out the nature of the proposed business, the blueprint, the operational plan, the budget to be allotted and the target profit to gain. Another one is through forms as well as inquiries. This lets the client be acquainted with the set up of the business. It also conveys what products or services they offer and how they operate.

Contracts are the formal way in which the client and the businessperson agree in writing. It is a meeting of the minds between the two of them. Contract serves as a basis for their agreement. It is a communication in writing that secures the terms and agreement to be complied with by the two contracting parties. In addition, bulletins are a form of written communication in business allowing mass access as well as image building. Minutes of a business meeting are another one. It lists down the issues tackled by business conglomerates and thus allowing a good record and transparency to the trade.


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