Type of Business Insurance

Once you decide to start a business, it is vital that you secure the appropriate business insurance. No one can tell the future and who knows, you might face potential liabilities in the coming months or years.

Make sure that you choose among these types of business insurance – general liability, product liability, professional liability, commercial property, and home-based business.

Different Insurance Types

Business risks can compromise your success and since the policies vary in terms or coverage and cost, there is need to make an informed decision. If you want to be protected from payments involving settlement bonds, lawsuits, libel, medical expenses, property damage, and bodily injury, you will need to purchase ‘general liability insurance’. Those who are involved in retail, distribution, wholesale, and manufacturing can purchase the ‘product liability insurance’. This can protect the business owner from defective products and financial loss.

Service business should consider purchasing the ‘professional liability insurance’. This is also called errors and omissions insurance and it can protect your business from negligence, errors, and malpractice resulting from service provision. In some states, this type of policy is required. You can also secure‘commercial property insurance’ because it can cover losses or damages to properties of the company due to vandalism, civil disobedience, hailstorms, wind, smoke, and fire. The term property can mean money, company papers, computers, buildings, business interruption, and income. This type of policy is divided into two – all risk and peril-specific policies.

The last type of insurance is the ‘home-based business insurance’ and as the name suggests, this is exclusively for businesses managed from home. You can make use of your homeowner’s policy and just add riders to cover business risks like property damage. You might want to purchase professional or general liability if the coverage is not enough. These are the various types of insurance for businesses. Get your now!


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